South Africa

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Peter Brown/Reality Collection: Wilson "King Force" Silgee, leader of the Alexandria based group 'Jazz Maniacs', performed in Gaborone

Black and white print 24.2 x 14.1

 Reality, September 1982 p6

Peter Brown/Reality Collection: Windhoek on the day of the World Court judgement - no constitution yet

Black and white print 11 x 8.9

Peter Brown/Reality Collection: Woman watching her baby drinking from a dish

Black and white print 25.2 x 20.2

Peter Brown/Reality Collection: Woman with a child filling water in a drum

Reality, March/May 1988 p18

Black and white print 24.4 x 18.3

Peter Brown/Reality Collection: Young boy playing ball in a street for cover of Reality

Cover of Reality, October 1979

Black and white print 16.2 x 11.4

Peter Brown/Reality Collection: Young children outside a hut with rocky cliff in background

Black and white print 25.3 x 20.2

 Reality, cover picture January 1981 and on page 12 of July 1982

Peter Brown/Reality Collection: Young woman in a school uniform walking in a dirt road carrying wood on her head

Black and white print 23.3 x 20.2

 Reality, May 1981 and on page 12 of July 1982

Peter Brown/Reality Collection: Young woman standing next to a corrugated iron shack

Printed image 12 x 8.4

Peter Brown/Reality Collection: Young women marching

Black and white print 20.2 x 25.2

Peter Brown/Reality Collection: Zanu (PF) rally. Cabinet Minister Earnest Kadungara, Charter District, Midlands

Reality, May 1980 p9

Black and white print 25.2 x 17.2

Peter Coates (left)

Sepia print 9.8 x 15cm original

Peter Coates in uniform

Black and white print 15 x 20

Peter Coates, portrait as a young child

Sepia print 10 x 14cm

Peter Coates, portrait as a young school boy

Black and white print 14 x 20cm

Peter Mckenzie Brown
Peter Mokaba

Peter Mokaba, ANC Youth League,  Member of Umkhonto weSizwe, imprisoned on Robben Island, member of the  United Democratic Front,  first president of the South African Youth Congress, Member of Parliament, Deputy Minister of the Department of Environmental Affairs

Peter Peterson

Peter Peterson, c1868.

Petition by 10 Waiters of the Royal Hotel to the Protector

Protector of Indian Immigrants was appointed in response to these abuses. The ... A petition by ten waiters

Petition to his Worship the Mayor and Members of the Durban City Council

Durban City Council, rateable property, ratepayers, Burgesses, European descent, European housing scheme, amenities

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