South Africa

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"Hottentot wagon driverr"

"Hottentot wagon driver"

"Hottentot Woman"

"Hottentot woman with shawl around shoulders"

"Hottentot Woman"

"Hottentot woman"

"Hottentots Holland"

A west view of the famous pass near the Cape of Good Hope called "Hottentots Holland"

"Houses and Yard of Sinosee"

"Houses and Yard of Sinosee, Kurreechane"

"I lose my way and have to sleep in the open air" - 1844

A man loses track of his way and had to sleep in the open air with two horses and two dogs, 1844



"Indalo kaYehova iyonwabisa"

Indalo kaYehova iyonwabisa

"Inspiration from Koko"

"Inspiration from Koko"

"Isikhala Sikathisha"

"Isikhala Sikathisha" Scene of a rural village, school, people and huts.

"Italian Cameo"

Italian Cameo, Venice.

"Jesus carrying a cross"

"Jesus carrying a cross, CC, DBN"

"Kafir Chiefs"

"Kafir chiefs"

"Kafir woman"

"Kafir woman refugee"

"King and his chiefs"

"King and his chiefs"

"Koma 2"

Koma 2


1. House at Kurreechane to protect children during the night from Lions.

2. Tammaha house at Maribohwhey.

3. Furnace for smelting at Kurreechane.

4 & 5 Pottery for containing milk made at Kurreechane.

6. A Mashow razor made of steel. 

"Lala Kahle Mfowethu"

"Lala kahle mfowethu" - Scene of a crowd of mourners in church, rural village. 


"Lamenting" 1970.

"Last resort"

"Last resort"  1974


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