South Africa

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"Young African Woman Heavily Beaded"

"Young African Woman Heavily Beaded"

"Zulu Caffer"

"Zulu Caffer"

"Zulu Medicine Man"

"Zulu medicine man"

"Zulu War Dance"

Scene of Zulu young girls dancing.

"Zulu War Dance, 1928"

Scene of Zulu men carrying shields and sticks.

"Zulu warrior with shield and head dress"

"Zulu warrior with shield and head dress"

"Zulu Warrior"

"Zulu Warrior"

"Zulu Witchdoctor"

"Zulu witchdoctor (Herbalist) devining with devination bones for sick patient" 

"Zulu, Natal"

"Zulu, Natal"

'At the end of the war' Cartoon of the Natal Convention by Rankin

Digital, cartoon

'Babu' King notes
'Evil City' makes first time winner

In October 1913 approximately 20,000 Indian workers joined Mahatma Gandhi's campaign of resistance against the South African government. This was a spontaneous outburst against terrible working conditions and a realisation that the£ 3 poll tax on free Indians meant perpetual indenture.

'Jug with Blue Flowers'

Digital, ramed reproduction 39 x 52cm

'Lost in the Stars" Act 1: Scene 12
'Lost in the Stars" Act 1: Scene 3
'Monte Cristo' Taunton Road, Wembley.

"Monte Cristo" Taunton Road, Wembley. 

'n Toespraak deur Generaal Smuts
'Side Walk Cafe' by Vincent Van Gogh

Digital, framed reproduction 42 x 52cm

'Social Relevance'-the acid test for the humanities

These years of rapid socio-political change in South Africa represent the 'best of times and the worst of times' for the humanities, says Professor Gerald Pillay of UNISA's Theology Faculty.


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