South Africa

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The Mechanics of Change
The Mercantile Group Of Companies
The Mfengu tribe of the Eastern Cape

The Mfengu tribe were traditionally refugees from the northern territories who found uncomfortable asylum from the Xhosa and suffered much under them as serf and slaves. 

The Middle of the Road
The militarisation of South African politics

Rise of the Executive State, The New Constitutional Dispensation, The Security Establishment

The mine workers in 1946
The Missionary Gene in the Kenyan Polity: Representations of Contemporary Kenya in the British Media
The Moose

The Moose or Elk is found all round the globe in the great forests. 

The Moral Economy of the Black Miners Strike of 1946

Most accounts of the African miners· strike on the Witwatersrand in 1946 rely heavily on Dan O'Meara's pioneering article.....



The Mouth of Cora River

The mouth of Cora river, Galekaland, 19 May 1878.


Pietermaritzburg Moharam festival

The multicultrinder Chadha's Bend it like Beckham and Bride and prejudice (Thesis, 2009)ural traveller : representations of Indian female identity in Gu

This paper explores the construction of multicultural identities in the postcolonial world in relation to nonresident Indian women depicted in mainstream cinema.

The Muslim contributions to Mathematics

Islamic religious art differs from Christian religious art in that it is non-figural because many Muslims believe that the depiction of the human form is idolatry, and...

The Mythology of Apartheid: Historical Consciousness in a racially satisfied Society

I apologize for the personal form of this document. It was drafted as an application for a research fellowship. Since then, I have been too preoccupied with work on the Lamar-Thompson book on The Frontier in History........

The Natal Witness - Director of the Institute for Social and Economic Research
The Nation and its Discontents: Wole Soyinka's dramatisation of "post"colonial realities
The National Convention, Durban.

The National Convention, Durban.

(The men who created the Union of South African State)

The National Party and the Afrikaaner Broederbond
The NATS must GO

The Natal Protest Week Committee

The New African


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