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Sepia print 21.5 x 25.9cm


Sepia print 8.7 x 12.9cm

Dinizulu being marched under escort from Nongoma Gaol to interview Colonel Sir Duncan McKenzie

Sepia print 9.9 x 12.2cm


Sepia print 13.8 x 8.8cm

Anglo Boer War

Sepia print 14.4 x 20.4cm

Anglo Boer War

Sepia print 15 x 20.2cm

Anglo Boer War

Sepia print 15.1 x 20.1cm

Looted furniture inside the Newcastle Town Hall

Sepia print 14.7 x 20cm

199 and A redout on Gun Hill

Sepia print 14.1 x 20.1cm

Anglo Boer War

Sepia print 14.2 x 20.5cm

General Lucas Meijer

Sepia print 19.6 x 14.7cm


Sepia print 17.5 x 13.6cm

Boer searchlight at Newcastle en-route to Newcastle

Sepia print 19.3 x 14.2cm

Colonel Long's captured guns. Arrival at Newcastle en-route to Pretoria

Sepia print 19.8 x 13cm

Natal Boer Patrol parading in front of the Newcastle Won Hall

Sepia print 20.5 x 14.5cm

Officers of the Irish Brigade Ladysmith and Officiren van de lersche Afdeling

Sepia print 19.9 x 15cm


Sepia print 20.4 x 14.9cm

Boer shells

Sepia print 20.7 x 15.3cm

General Tobias Smuts

Sepia print 20.2 x 15.1cm

General Snyman. Commandant Botha and Mafeking

Sepia print 20 x 15cm


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