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Rain hat: Teyateyaneng

Watercolor portrait of Basotho young man wearing a blanket and a rain hat.

'Old Basotho Woman'

Watercolor portrait of an Old Basutho woman sitting on the ground.

" Basotholand: the Thabansu Mountain"

Watercolor scene of the Basutholand with view of the Mountain of Thabansu.

" The Shepherd"

Clay figure of a Shepherd carrying a lamb on his head, wearing a striped long coat and black pants.

Phyllis Naidoo's letter to her office of employmentin Lesotho

Phyllis Naidoo's letter of resignation

Costume blanket

Blanket woolen cloth decorated with perl buttons and Gallery

Costume Cape

Cape married woman 


 Sutu woman`s leather back apron

Lesotho Government notification to Phyllis Naidoo


Letter from J & R Frisbie to Phyllis Naidoo

Letter from J & R Frisbie to Phyllis Naidoo


 Sculpture clay


Clay figure of standing Baboon


 basuto Pottery

Letters from Monroe T Gilmour to Mr bert Reimer

Letters from Monroe T Gilmour to Bert Reimer

South African Native Affairs

 South african native affairs commission, Basutoland 1904

Clay figure sitting by Ruth Seikenelo.

Clay figure sitting by Ruth Seikenelo. Moruleng (S.Sotho). 11.4.1961

N.Sotho pot with clay lion.

KCAV 1566A N. Sotho pot with lion. Adult work. Grossert No 277

Large pot

KCAV 1565  Large pot. N Sotho with Venda influence near Pietersberg . Grossert No 276

Basotho pottery

KCAV Basutho pottery. ( drinking mug) Bathokoa Tribe  Grossert No 591

Tswana woman with pots

KCAV 1563 B Tswana woman with pots. Nkeane is large pot type and Nkgo is small pot type and Nkgogo is small pot type. Mrs Nstoe. P. O.Saulsport. Grossert No 19


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