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wood carving of doe and fawn. Greytown school show. 6.9.1962

Wood carving of doe and fawn

Wood carving of a buck

Wood carving

wood carving

Wood carving

woodcarving of baboon by William Masindi of Phaswana H.P Sibasa show. 12.9.1962

Woodcarving of baboon

Carved wooden monkey. greytown school show. 6.9.1962

Carved wooden monkey

wooden carvings of monkeys. Greytown school show. 6.9.1962

Wooden carvings of monkeys

wooden sculpure of monkey. matimatolo school 6.6.1962

Wooden sculpture of monkey

wooden carving of monkey. greytown show. 6.9.1962

wooden carving of monkey

woodcarving of baboon/man. by Sindikosi Ntuli of Ndundulu school

Woodcarving of baboon/man

Metal (tin) beer-skimmers, Greytown School SHow, 6.9.1962

Metal (tin) beer-skimmers. Greytown School Show, 6.9.1961

Stone sculpture of Zulu woman. Greytown school show, 6.9.1962

Stone sculpture of Zulu woman. Greytown

Clay modelling. Khandisa. 3.8.1961

Clay modelling. Khandisa, 3.8.1961

Clay modelling. Khandisa. 3.8.1961

Clay modelling. Khandisa. 3.8.1961

Clay modelling. Morung (S.Sotho) 11.4.1961

Clay modelling. Moruleng (S. Sotho) 11.4.1961

Clay pot called Njowla, Tsonga, Lemana, 2.11.1961

Clay pot called Njowla. Tsonga. Leamana, 2.11.1961

Market place. Sibasa. with Venda woman. 11.1.1961

Market place with Venda woman. 29.1.1961

Venda clay pot. Sibasa 11.9.1962

Venda clay pot. Sibasa 11.9.1962

Beaded Courtship Necklace

Beaded courting necklace from Qudeni eMsinga with wording "Woza Lavi Wami" meaning "Come here my love"


Wood carving of a violin with the bow shaped like the head of a dragon

The Shepherd

Wooden carved and painted figure of a man carrying a sheep "The Shepherd" 


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