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Black and white photograph of a young maiden from Eshowe dressed in her traditional beaded costume.


Black and white photograph of young maiden wearing a beaded outfit, from Eshowe.


Black and white image of a leader o young maidens rom Eshowe, probably engaged.


'Iphinifa', beaded apron with a message on it.


Beaded apron in different colors.


A medium sized ladle known as 'Iphini' in isiZulu with short flat head and handle with amasumpa in the middle.

"Iphambanisa" outfit.

"Iphambanisa" outfit worn by girl who is ready to court, Bhaca people. 

"Iphambanisa" outfit.

"Iphambanisa" outfit - worn by Bhaca girl who is allowed to be courted.

"Iphambanisa" outfit.

"Iphambanisa" outfit of Bhaca girls. Himville, KZN, 1983.

"Iphambanisa" age set.

"Iphambanisa" outfit worn by a girl allowed to court. Bhaca people.

"Iphambanisa" age group

"Iphambanisa" age group. 18 - 19 years who is allowed to court. Bhaca people.


Inyanga seating down wearing a hat.


Portraitof a baby boy named 'Intungwa' .



Commercial herbal center, Durban, 1982.


Watercolor portrait of a Zulu man carrying a spear& shield.

"Inside Out"

Black and white scene of a home.


Rural village. Pen and colour.

"Inkosi" Zulu method of saluting a superior 

"Inkosi" Zulu method of saluting a superior

"Inkosi" Zulu method of saluting a superior

"Inkosi" Zulu method of saluting a superior

"Inkosi yabaThembu"

Black and white portrait of the AbaThembu Chief.


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