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Clay modelling. Morung (S.Sotho) 11.4.1961

Clay modelling. Moruleng (S. Sotho) 11.4.1961

Clay pot called Njowla, Tsonga, Lemana, 2.11.1961

Clay pot called Njowla. Tsonga. Leamana, 2.11.1961

Market place. Sibasa. with Venda woman. 11.1.1961

Market place with Venda woman. 29.1.1961

Venda clay pot. Sibasa 11.9.1962

Venda clay pot. Sibasa 11.9.1962

Beaded Courtship Necklace

Beaded courting necklace from Qudeni eMsinga with wording "Woza Lavi Wami" meaning "Come here my love"


Wood carving of a violin with the bow shaped like the head of a dragon

The Shepherd

Wooden carved and painted figure of a man carrying a sheep "The Shepherd" 

Wooden Spoon

Round deep ladle with holes for straining liquids.

Walking Stick

Walking stick with bone handle, presented to H.C Lugg by Mshiyeni Zulu in 1934 as a ceremonial gift.

Knob Stick

Knob - Stick with rounded head placed at the side of the stick, presented to H.C Lugg in 1936 by Ndisheni kaNdabuko kaMpande

Clay Modelling

KCAV1596 Clay modelling. Khandisa. #.*.1961. Grssert No 734

Clay modelling

KCAV 1595 Clay moddelling. Khandisa. No 733

A Zulu Matron

KCAV 1591-3. AZulu Matron. Clay modelling by 10 year old girl. Emtateni Bantu School. Fired clay, Height 9 ins,

Modelled clay lion

KCAV 1594 Modelled clay lion by Philip Ndwadwe . ST Chads H.P. ( ladysmith, Natal ) Grossert No 1047

Umlando wabaMbo baseHopewell

Umlando wabaMbo baseHopewell= History of the eMbo-Mkhize people of Hopewell, eMfeni Royal House. This section of the eMbo people migrated together with other eMbo families in 1832 to Natal from KwaZulu, Nkandla area after the assassination of King Zihlandlo Mkhize in 1832.

Clay head. Ndaleni Art School

Clay head. Ndaleni Art School

Clay head. Ndaleni Art School

Clay head. Ndaleni Art School

Clay figure. Ndaleni Art School.

Clay figure. Ndaleni Art School 

Clay head

Clay head. Ndaleni Art School

Clay giraffe

Clay giraffe. Ndaleni Art School, 16.11.1961


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