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Tempera paint 'horse and cart'

Tempera paint 'horse and cart' by Christopher Shezi, Std. V Caluza School, 1951

Tempera paint 'monkey in cattle kraal'

Tempera paint 'monkey in cattle kraal' by Ranus Madlala, Std. V Caluza School, 1951

Pencil crayon drawing of Zulu homestead

Pencil crayon drawing of Zulu homestead by Leadus Cele, Std. VI Adams Day School

Tempera pain 'Zulu homestead' by Michael Dlomo

Tempera paint 'Zulu homestead' by Michael Dlomo 24 years old of Umpumulo Training College, 1955

Tempera painting 'traditional Zulu men apportioning a slaughtered beast in cattle-kraal

Tempera painting 'traditional Zulu men apportioning a slaughtered beast in cattle-kraal' by student Ndaleni Training College.

Tempera paint 'kraal scene'

Tempera paint 'kraal scene' by Petros Gantana, 18 years old of Loram Secondary School, Std VI. original in KCAL as WCP 2694

Beer-skimmer or iketho of ilala palm leaf
children making sisal rope. Hlabisa
Powder paint 'wedding dance'

Powder paint 'wedding dance' by Ambrose Twala, 14 years of Slangspruit combined school. Illustrated xvIII 'Art Education and Zulu crafts' Shuter and Shooter, 1968

Paper mache figure

KCAV 1691 Paper mache figure ( Indian style). Ndaleni school. Grossert no 1062.

Sisal fibre baskets.

Sisal fibre baskets. Our Lady of Ingwavuma School. Grossert No. 173-4

Paper mache puppets

KCAV 1689-1690 Paper mache puppets. Killnerton T-training school. No Grossert number

A Zulu bracelets. Weaving
Ilala palm leaf basketry

Ilala palm leaf basketry. Nquthu show. 4.6.1959. Grossert No. 64

Basket. No Grossert number

Basket. No Grossert number

Paper mache masks and fez

KCAV 1687-1688 Paper mache masks and fez. Kilnerton Training School. No Grossert numbers.

Xhosa beer-drinking baskets

Xhosa beer-drinking baskets. 23.10.1961. Grossert No.801-2

Paper mache plague

KCAV 1686 paper mache plague at amazimtoti. McFaden Hall Grossert no 878

Zulu bracelets and weaving
Masks paper manche

KCAV 1684 Masks paper manche. MT Arthur Traininh School? No Grossert number.


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