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Rock drift

 Closeup view of the tent of unroofer buildings

Tugela River

The river mouth

Red cross hospital

 Depicts two rde crossflags flying amidst tents

Tugela River

The river as seen from the Natal bank.

Tugela River

The boundary between Natal and Zululand.

Punt tugela river

 Depicts the punt on the lower tugela river

Tuggla drift, lower

The pont in operation

Tuggla drift, lower

Put tied to Natal bank

Port Durnford

 Signal station on the coast of Zululand

Tuggla drift, lower

Shows wagon on the Natal bank under the ultimatum tree


 Tents and wagons with wooden fences

Tugela drift, lower

The pontoon bridge seen from the natal bank.

Tuggla drift, lower

Naval personnel on the punt, with bridge in background


 Military and avilian personell before a reed hut.

Thrings post

A military camp.

Shepstone, capt. George J.P 1849-1879

The grave of the captain of the Natal native horse

Rorke's drift

Stones marking the line of mealie bags

Natal native contigent

Natal native contigent decpicts captain Bartons 4th battle in an parade

Rorke's drift

Rough sketch of the plan

Rorke's drift

Unroofed buildings from the rear


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