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Fort Cherry

Overgrown redoubt of the fort

For Nottingham

 Fort Nottingham Three unidentified men on the side of the fort

Fort Chelmsford

A trench in the foreground

Fort Melville

 Fort Melville

Fort Buckingham

Overgrown remainder of the redaubt

Fort Melville

 Fort Melvilledepicts fort above the buffalo River at Rorkes Drft

Fort Ballenggch

Sketch of the position of the fort

Fort helpmekaar

 Fort Helpmekaar 

Fort Amiel

Sketch showing the fort military hospital

Fort helpmekaar

 Fort helpmekaar depictstents ans wagon in foregroung

Eshowe post

A sketch of a baloon used to dispatch letters

Headquarters at Eshowe, 1879

Headquarters at Eshowe

Fort helpmekaar

 Fort helpmekaar various sketches drom the illustrated Londan news


The arrival of the 60th rifles at Fort Eshowe, April 3


ENtonjaneni gun under guard in the ground

Fort and camp at Dundee, Natal
Dundee Military encampment

Military encampment

Fort Creealock

 Fort Crealiock depits wagon in laager and men in trenches.

Border guard

Border guard

Border guard

Border guard


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