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Accutt Roberts

 Robert Accutts house in North Ridge Road

Court House, Durban

The court house in Aliwal street

Bushman's pass memorial

The memorial in the carbineer garden of rememberance, Pietermaritzburg

Zulu War

 Two Zulu men in Western Army coats


An inlet on the bluff, inside the bay.

Zulu War

 Group of nine veterans holding standars

Zulu War

 Depicts Ammunition wagons with mutes haircised

Bishops College 1880

Bishops college 1880

Zulu War

Depicts a drawing of zulu warriors in a kraal

Zulu War

 DEpicts a military camp constructed of grass nuts

Zulu War

 Depicts a drawing from illustrated london news

Zulu War

Drawing from  the graphic 4 October 1879

Zulu War

Mehlokazulu kaShayo, crouching, weaving lion-cloth

Zulu War

 Wagons being loaded, possibly at Fort Pearson

Zulu War

 Military parade of the British army.

An exploration of the reasons surrounding Indian businesswomen's involvement in home-based business in Shallcross

The topic of this study is “An exploration of the reasons surrounding Indian
businesswomen’s involvement in home-based businesses in Shallcross, Durban”. The
objective of this study was to investigate some of the reasons why Indian women choose

Zulu War

 Depicts a military encampment

Woods irregulars

 Depicts the levies on parade


Primitive stylized male figure with eyes carved in circles. Wearing tribe girdle of fiber and beads and a necklace of old beads.

Verulam Laager

Site of court house and laager used in Zulu war


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