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"Custom House"

Abstract scene of a Native slave man collecting his wages and parcels.

Africans in cator Manor

Africans in cator Manor

Cat in the cage

Cat in the cage

"Rule Milano"

Abstract scene of the Europeans and Africans on a boat, with Africans as slaves.

"Bound For Commasie"

Abstract scene of a Commander holding a man captive for slavery.

"The Ashanti War"

Abstract scene of Ship for the Ashanti War.

"On Sentry East Indies"

Abstract scene of a souldier scouting the lands of Sentry in East Indies.


Abstract scene of an official police or souldier in Salute pose.

"A Prey"

Abstract scene of a bug trapped as a pry in a spider's web.

"Slip and Fall"

Abstract scene of a man slipping and falling.

"A happy day at Rosherville"

Color scene  of a performer on stage at Rosherville.

"Madell Squallimi's Solo"

Abstract musical scene of Madam Squallimi's solo perfoemance.

"In the Jungle"

Color abstract of a man riding an elephant in the jungle.

"Our Ancestors"

Sketch scene of monkeys in the jungle.


Colourful abstract in monotone colours of faces.

Dr. Stanger, first Surveyor-General of Natal, 1845 to 1854

West Street cemetery, Durban, "Obeliek" on  right marks of the grave of Dr. Stanger, first Surveyor-General of Natal, 1845 to 1854

"At the Dentist:say oo"

Abstract scene of a man having his tooth extracted at the dentist.

West street cemetery, Durban

West street cemetery, Durban

"A hage of horror"

Abstract scene of different styles of writing.

Tomstone of John Worly,

Tomstone of John Worly,  near Durban Harbour 


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