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"Doll wedding"

Dolls made by Shangase depicting a wedding. 

"Doll wedding"

Dolls made by Shangase depicting a wedding. 

"Draped Women"

Pastel sketch of two draped women, one sitting and one standing.

"Drinking Beer"

Black and white image of a traditional Zulu man drinking beer outsite his hut.

"Durban Beggar"

Durban Beggar - 1996. with words "Please help, i am Deaf and Dumb, God bless, thank you"

"Durban from Berea"

"Durban from Berea"

"Ebony shopping center"

Pen and colour pencil scene of a shopping complex:Eboni Shopping Centre people going in and out. A township can be seen behind.


People celebrating at Mr. Ngcobo's home for his wedding.


Watercolor scene of a woman with a baby on the back, while cooking at home.

"Ekhaya" (C)

Black and white scene of a table with objects(bottle) on it.


Three traditional Zulu men drinking beer in a homestead. There is also a dog with a bone closeby. 


Abstract of Profet Elijah.


Mrs. Ngcobo with her Matron of Honor accepting money from the guests in her wedding.

"Exact Likenso of the Buffalo as a Wild Bull"

Black and white abstracts of a Buffalo and Lions in Africa.

"Fantasy birds on sticks"

"Fantasy birds on sticks" 

African Art Center, 1989.

"Female of the Bushman Race"

Black and white engraving of an African woman from the KoiSan race.

"Fetching Clay, 1981" - Ndaleni Art School Students

Ndaleni Art School Students: Theodora Makwela seating on a tractor. 

"Field group"

"Field group" at Tugela Valley.

"Figure Drawing"

"Figure Drawing"

Ndaleni Art School Students.

"First Classrooms"

"First Classrooms"

“A Play on clay; African children’s clay modeling”


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