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"A Guard"

Photograph of a guard on duty.

"A Guardian Angel"

Colored Sketch of a guardin Angel.

"A hage of horror"

Abstract scene of different styles of writing.

"A happy day at Rosherville"

Color scene  of a performer on stage at Rosherville.

"A Hotel Janitor"

Abstract scene of a frustrated hotel Janitor.

"A Jockey"

Portrait of a horse Jockey.

"A Jockey"

Portrait of a Jocket holding a switch.

"A Jocky and a Horse"

Abstract scene of a horse kicking the Jockey out of his stable.

"A Kaffir Kraal"

Abstract scene of a Zulu homestead.

"A Kind Mother"

An abstract scene of a a mother returning home from the shops.

"A Knight in the rain"

Abstract scene of a Knight holding an umbrella for rain.

"A Little girl"

Photograph of a well dressed little girl.

"A little Spanish dilly"

Color abstract of a Spanish playing a Piano.

"A Magician"

Color portrait of a Magician. 

"A Mansion"

A scene of a Town house complex with a big driveway leading to a double door garage.(Type: Ballpoint& Crayon)

"A Merry Soldier"

Abstract scene of a very happy soldier.

"A Messenger"

Portrait of a young messager. 

"A Military Pier"

Abstract scene of a Guard outside a Military Pier.

"A Mule"

Abstract scene of a running mule.

"A musical Concert"

Abstract of a musical concert with frogs playing instruments. 


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