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"A Clown"

Abstract scene of a Clown during a performance.

"A Colonel"

Watercolor portrait of a Colonel.

"A Colonnell"

Portrait of an ordained colonnell.

"A Commander"

Sketch portrait of a Commander.

"A Commander"

Abstract scene of a Commander giving orders.

"A Dangerous game to play"

Abstract scene of a Sport poster.

"A Deal"

Abstract scene of a man negotiating a deal with a sales lady.

"A deep cutting"

Abstract scene of men watching boats at the port.

"A depulation at Kinsale"

Abstract scene of men gathered over a depulation at Kinsale Island.

"A Donkey Ride"

Abstract scene of mischivious boys riding on a donkey.

"A Drummer"

Abstract scene of a drummer.

"A Duette"

Abstrack scene of a man and his dog duing a duette.

"A Dwarf"

Abstract scene of a Circus Dwarf.

"A Feu de joie"

Sketch scene of men playing sword games on horse back.

"A fight"

Abstract scene of two men fighting with one poking the other with an umbrella in the nose.

"A flirty little thing'

Abstract scene of a very well dressed preety woman at the Contemporary Ball.

"A fog on the Flats"

Sketch and color scene of hunters in a fog.

"A General with his Subjects"

Black and white scene of a General riding horse with his subjects.

"A Gentleman"

Abstract scene of a well poised and dress confident gentleman, sitting elagently on a couch.

"A Great fight..."

Abstract scene of a battle fight of Aldersotte in 1868.


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