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Sepia print 10.2 x 16.7cm faded

Batson's Drift, Port Shepstone

Black and white print 13.3 x 18.7cm faded

The Snipe (Dredger) attempting to cross The Bar, Port Shepstone

Sepia print 15.2 x 20.2cm

Port Shepstone

Sepia print 15.1 x 20.2cm

Mooi River, 1904

Black and white print 14.6 x 20.2cm

Harrismith - soldiers Institute

Black and white print 7.6 x 10cm


Black and white print 14.4 x 20.2cm

The Park, Greytown (top) and Greytown (bottom)

Black and white print 14 x 9cm


Sepia print 14.5 x 19.6cm 

Amanzimtoti Hotel

Sepia print 13 x 19.5cm faded

Sir Carl Behreus

Color portrait of Sir Carl Behreus.

Winston Churchill

Watercolor portrait of Mr Winston Churchill smoking a cigar.

Farm with Houses

Watercolor scene of a farm with houses and mountains on the background.

Salmon caught on evening of 1.10.38.

Maynard and Friend (Salmon fishing)

Colin, Diana and Selwyn

Colin, Diana and Selwyn (Pan, Middleburg)

Head of a Zebra

Color scene of a head of a Zebra.

A Man with a plumed hat

Color portrait of a man showing off his plumed hat.

Two Aloe Plants

Color scene of two  Aloe Plants.

Ox- Wagon crossing the Port

Color scene of an Ox- Wagon crossing a port.

'Springboks Grazing'

Colored scene of a number of Springboks grazing on the field.


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