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Rhodesia typical bush scene

Rhodesia typical bush scene

The concourse, railway station

The concourse of Johannesburg railway station

Rhodesia typical bush scene

Rhodesia, typical bush scene, with baobab trees

The mine dumps

The mine dumps of Johannesburg

Stock exchange

Johannesburg stock exchange

The law courts

The law courts, Johannesburg

Callant animal

Erected by public subscription in recognition of the services of the callant animals which perished in the Anglo boer war 1899-1902

Johannesburg rooftops with mine dumps beyond

Johannesburg rooftops with mine dumps beyond

Industrial Johannesburg and chrysler building

Industrial johannesburg and chrysler building

Johannesburg skyline, looking North

Johannesburg skyline, looking North

Rhodesia Victoria falls

Rhodesia Victoria falls, Railway bridge and boiling pot

Johannesburg luxury cinemas

One of Johannesburg's luxury cinemas

A Cape Peninsula coastline

A Cape peninsula coastline

Cape Town, Ariel cableway and lion's head

Aerial cableway and lion's head, Cape Town

A witwatersrand gold mine near johannesburg

Witwatersrand gold mine near johannesburg

Rhodesia Birchenough bridge over sabie river

Birchenough bridge over sabie river

Rhodesia victoria falls "The smoke that thunders"

Victoria falls 'The smoke that thunders'


 Leopard killing buck

Landscape wall study


Carved wooden spoon

KCAV 1355Carved spoon from African Museum Johannesburg. Grossert no 607.


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