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Rough sea

Rough sea, Algoa Bay

Joes luck bridge

Joes luck bridge, Queens river

Railway station

Railway station, Bloemfontein

Free church Bedford

Free church bedford

Hampden park

Hampden park

Mutual Buildings

Mutual buildings

Mutual building

South African mutual buildings, Bloemfontein


Bloemfotein from naval hill

Beaufort west

Beaufort west. the main street

National hospital

National hospital at the foot of Naval Hill

Beaufort west

Beaufort west, The main street

Beaufort west

Beaufort west, general view

Grand hotel and theatre

Grand hotel and theatre, Bloemfontein

National Memorial Bloemfotein

National memorial bloemfontein. Erected 16th of December 1913 in memory of 26,370 boer women and children who died in the concentration during the South African war.

Wood lane entrance
Fort Englang Asylum

Fort Englang Asylum, Grahamstown


Branscombe 13189

Miss Eva Moore

Miss Eva Moore as Kathie

Mr G Alexander

Mr G Alexander

Montmorency falls

Montmorency falls in winter


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