Eastern Cape

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The Berry Reservoir

The berry reservoir, Queenstown

Town Hall

 Town hall showing Opst iffice ) Post office

St Michael's church

St Michael church, Queenstown

Dankin Reserve

 POrt Elizabeth from Donkin Reserve

The Town Hall

  The town Hall Port Elizabeth

Queen street Port Elizabeth

 Queen street  Port Elizabeth

Interior of the public library

 Interior of the public library in Port Elizabeth

Port Elizabeth from Donkin Reserve

 Port Elizabeth from Donin reserve

The North Jet

Port Elizabeth , the North Jet

The Valley bridge

The valley bridge, Port Elizabeth

The ferry

 The ferry Port Alfred

Port Alfred

 Port Alfred

St George park

St George park, Port Elizabeth

Market square

Market square and main street, Port Elizabeth

Slip and Lagoon bridge

 Port Alfred Slip and Lagoon Bridge


Breakwater. Port Elizabeth

Railway station

Railway station, Port Elizabeth

Main street

Main street, Port Elizabeth

The beach

 The beach Port Alfred

Lighthouse donkin reserve

Lighthouse Donkin reserve. Port Elizabeth


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