Eastern Cape

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Xhosa women carrying wood on their heads, with cows on the background.


Two young Xhosa boys harvesting corn and pumpkins with an Ox- wagon, in the Eastern Cape at Libode.


Young Xhosa maiden taking a bath in the river.

'Threshing Sorghum'

Xhosa women from Transkei threshing surghum after harvest.

'Smoking the Baby'

Xhosa mother smoking her baby with sacred herbs.

'Nofinishi Dayile: Xhosa'

Watercolor portrait of a traditional doctor, Nofinishi Dayile from the Eastern Cape.

'Mengana '

'Mengana' the execurion rock in the Eastern Cape at Libode.

'Jackson Dlamini: Mfengu'

Watercolor portrait of Jackson Dlamini a Mfengu man from the Eastern Cape.


Twins standing next to their trees which are planted and dedicated to them after birth as per Xhosa custom. 


'Abakhwetha', boy initiates in Transkei before colonisation.


Young Xhosa men, during their initiation process wearing a grass woven skirt and helmet with the body smeared in white chalk. They are secluded from the community during this period.


IINdlavini of AmaMpondo people. 

Photographed at New Art Studios, PMB 1960s

"Fingoe Woman"

"Fingoe Woman"

The North Jet

Port Elizabeth , the North Jet

On the Buffalo

On the Buffalo, East London

Church street Middelburg

Church street Middelburg Cape

Central Hotel

Central Hotel Cathcart

Cape Road

 Cape road, Port Elizabethh


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