Eastern Cape

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Beadwork apron

Apron beadwork worn by Mfengu girl of marriageable age

Beadwork and dress

 Christian Africans dress in Western style as symbolic of Conversion

Beadwork and dress

    traditional beadwork and dresss is integral to African male initiation

Bead wook Necklace

Beadwork collar worn by Mfengu married woman 

Batlokwa house

Batlokwa house. Sterkspruit 8.2.1961

Batlokoa house interior

KCAV 1928-29 Batlokoa house interior  8.2.1961.

Batlokoa house interior

KCAV 1025-7 Batlokoa house interior 8.2.1961.

Batlokoa house

KCAV 1921-24 Batlokoa house interiors 8.2.1961.

Batlokoa house

KCAV 1919-20 Batlokoa house. Mural plastering. KCAV 1920B interior woman grinding corn.

Batlokoa house

KCAV 1917 -18 Batlokoa house with stich showing baby has been born, Futher entering hut. 8.2, 1961.

Batlokoa house

KCAV 1916 Batlokoa house. Musong Palmtietfontein, near sterkspruit. C.P> Basutu Tribe


KCAV 1859 Batlokoa girl with baby sterkspruit. KCAV 1860 Batlokoa matron. KCAV 1862 Batlokoa children 


 Basket with lid

Bas relief on late cecil house

Bas relief on late Cecil rhodes house, representing the landing of the first governor van Riebek


Bar East London

Bag Tobacco

Bag woolen cloth decorated with peri buttons and beads

Avenue leading to Hogsback Hotel

 Avenue leading to Hogsback hotel

Apron by L. Dike

Apron by L. Dike, Mt Arthur Training School Transkei, 20.9.1961

An Ostrich

 An Ostrich farm in the Eastern Province

Amabhaca from Mt Frere

Amabhaca from Mt Frere.


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