Cape Town Metropolitan

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Busy scene on the Wharf, Cape Town, South Africa

Busy scene on the Wharf, Cape Town, South Africa

Natural bath

Natural bath at Hogsback hotel

Picnic spot

Favourite picnic spot. Hogsback

Forest scenery

Forest scenery. hogsback

Cape town and devils peak

View of Cape Town and Devils peak

Lions head

Lions head from sea point

The Jetty st john river

The jetty St. John's river, c.c

Light house

Light house, Three anchor bay

Barracks and Wesleyan church

Barracks and Wesleyan church, Christiana, Transvaal

George street

Cape Town. Lower street George's street

Kind rememberances

Kind remembrance

Addelrey street

Addelrey street, Cape Town

Carter's Ridge memorial

Carter's ridge memorial

Dutch reformed church

Adderley street, Dutch reformed church

Queen Victoria statue

Queen Victoria statue, Cape Town

Lions head

Lions head, Cape Town. showing kloof road

Market square

Market square, Adelaide. Cape Colony

School of mines

School of mines, North terrace, Adelaide


Adelaide, Cape colony showing english church on left

Cape to Cairo

Cape to Cairo


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