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Sugar cane fields

Labourers on the Cane fields

Sugar Cane Shredder

A cane shredder extract sugar and during the process it separates the fiber particles of sugarcane from its juice and also crushes more amount of sugar.

Sugar cane varieties grown in South Africa - Bulletin No 4 - April 1970
Sugar Expansion Policy: Production and Quota System
Sugar Facts
Sugar Facts 3-4
Sugar in 1931
Sugar in the National Economy
Sugar Industry Agreemnet Amendments
Sugar Industry Employment Agreement: Manufactors and Employees
Sugar Industry's Economic Problems Analysed
Sugar Mill - 1900 - Overport Hartley

Hartley's Mill started crushing in 1874. At the end of 1880, Hartley's Overport Sugar and Coffee Estate

Sugar Plantation

The sugar estates, and elsewhere, thus reflected and underpinned the ... majority of whom, particularly in the 1860s, 1870s and 1880s, worked on the sugar.

Sugar planting as a vocation in Natal. Description of a Settlers Experiences.




Sugar. The origin and development of a primary industry
Sugars Industry's Prospect. Mr G C Sulin;s survey of the past year.
Suggested catalogue of matters for investigations and reasearch
Suggested Grant in Aid for registration of Anti-Asiatic Clause upon certain Corporation Housing Schemes

We note that the Applicant Associations application is stated to be based on paragraph XIII of Sub-section....


Suggested Solutions for the Durban situation - 1943
Sukhthi Naidoo, Paul David, Archie Gumede and Phyllis Naidoo.

COMRADES of political activist Phyllis Naidoo gathered at Badgers restaurant in ... Her brother, Paul David, was a founding member of the Release ... Fellow veteran activist, Archie Gumede, took her on as a partner in his ...


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