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Correspondence of the Natal Indian Congress and the Mayor of Durban during October 1947

Meetings and correspondences between the N.I.C. and the Durban City Council

NIC resolution and memoranda 1947

N.I.C. documents 0f 1947

letter from Gladys Marks to Phyllis dated 9th May 1978
Wiseman Khuzwayo Report
Letter from Phyllis to Gladys Marks dated 26 April 1978
Letters of Joseph Malebelle Molokeng and Phyllis Naidoo
Letter of Gladys Marks to Phyllis
Phyllis to Bernhard and Margarete Dinkelaker dated 31st March 1978

My dear Bernard & Margeret ,
Your :.. ett er of the 20th reached me today . Al so in the post was a
letter from a colle~gue of mine in Durban posted 01v the same t i me .
I need not tell you that J1.J.rban i s an hour by ·:::ilanc & thd..t GerJI.':'..ny

Five Freed Detainees Re-Arrested
Re Russell Maphanga

The Minister of Police

Proof of payment to Dorothy Nyembe
Letter from the Department of Justice to Phyllis Naidoo
Letter from Phylis Naidoo to Bernhard Dinkelaker 15th March 1978

Letter date 15th March 1978

Letter from Phyllis Naidoo to Bernhard dated 06 March 1978

Letter dated 6th March 1978

Letter from Phyllis Naidoo to Bernhard Dinkelaker dated 05 February 1978

Letter date 05 February 1978

Letter from Ebrahim Ismail to Phyllis Naidoo dated 28 January 1978

Ebrahim writes to Phyllis Naidoo thanking her for all that she has done for him.

Letter from Phyllis Naidoo to Bernhard dated 20 January 1978

Letter dated 20 January 1978

Letter from Agnes Ndebele to Phyllis

letter dated 08 January 1978 from Agnes Ndebele

Postcard from Cedric Ndlovu to Josiah Ndlovu dated 28 Decemebr 1977

Cedric Ndlovu informing his father of his exam results....

Phyllis Naidoo - Letter dated 29 Novemebr 1977

My Dear Bernhard and Margaret.......


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