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Dr Phyllis Naidoo

Phyllis Naidoo was a was a lawyer, university lecturer, author, activist and a force to be reckoned with. She was a member of the Non-European Unity ...

Dr Neil Agget - Protest and Work Stoppage - Pres Cuttings

Protest and Work Stoppage - newspaper cuttings

Dr Neil Agget - Press cuttings. Death in Detention

Death in Detention

Dr Neil Agget - Inquest on the Death - Press cutting

Dr Neil Agget - Newspaper cuttings

Dr Neil Agget - Funeral - Press cutting

Dr Neil Agget - Funeral - Press cutting

Dr Neil Agget - Family and Friends - Press cuttings

Press cuttings of the family and friends of Dr Neil Agget

Dr Mc Conkie and James Theophalus at a Red Cross event

2822 x 1824

Dr Marcus Balintulo Acting Vice Chancellor

University of Durban-Westville

Dr Mabel Palmer

Dr Mabel Palmer (nee Mabel Atkinson) was born on 22 May 1876 near Stocksfield in Northumberland, England. Her father, J.B. Atkinson, was a mine inspector, and her mother, Jane Atkinson, a militant suffragette.

Dr M B Naidoo headmaster at Sastri College, 1967-1969

Dr M B Naidoo headmaster at Sastri College

Dr K M Seedat

In Memory of the Late Dr K M Seedat......

DR GM Naicker President of the SAIC

Dr GM Naicker played a key role in planning a mass civil disobedience movement. The initiative was taken by the ANC and the PAC which called on Africans to revolt against the carrying of passes.

Dr Arthur Dawson Lazarus Doyen of Indian Education

A man of rare parts and unique ability Dr. Arthur Dawson Lazarus was the eldest son of Mr. Dossen Lazarus of Dannhauser. He was born in Durban on 14 January, 1903. During his early life he was faced with numerous difficulties.

Dr Albert John Luthuli
Dr AD Lazarus

Dr A D Lazarus : distinguished educationalist, appointed first Indian Principal, 1951. 

Dr Abdurrahman
Dr AB Xuma

Drs Naicker, Xuma and Dadoo signing the 'Doctors' Pact', 1947 ... of the United Nations instead of other vague, inconclusive so-called charters, ...

Doucument from the United Nations

Document from the Department of Political and Security Council Affairs

Doublespeak from ANC
Dones Attendance Certificate

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