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Bill to Amend the Immigrants Act 1913

Bill to Amend the Immigrants Act 1913

BE IT ENACTED by the Queen's Most Excellent Majesty, the Senate and the House of Assembly of the Union of South Africa, as follows:

Letter from Mongezi Tshongweni to Phyllis Naidoo

We miss you a lot  here auntie, the office is boring without you, happy birthday mama and get well. Have many more auntie God bless.




Letter from Mary to Phyllis Naidoo

I see you! And i disagree - you are still beautiful! And that's not fat - that's unhappiness and sorrow surrounding you. It has to go somewhere and it's gone to your gut in your case.

Indentured Indians. A Brief History(1860-1910)

White farmers needed labour on sugar farms.

Natal sugar farmer JAMES SAUNQERS, who had previously owned sugar plantations in MAURITIUS on which he employed Indian labour; strongly motivated for Indian labour to be imported into Natal.

Letter from Phyllis Naidoo to M & G Manager

I paid a subscription for a years supply of M&G as a birthday present for the 29th May, last year. I want to repeat the same for another year. To avoid a break in the delivery to her I want to pay an early subscription of R140.00, cheque enclosed.

Indian Indenture Documents

One of the earliest first hand accounts of the labourers was furnished in 1863 by the German traveller, Fritsch. He notes that they "far surpassed the .African tribes in skill and adaptability.

Letter from Phyllis Naidoo to Luisa

Mr and Mrs Boventura were here and told me that he was going to Cuba in March and would take a letter to you. I hope the suit will fit your mother, the track suit for Ernesto & sweets, files for you. Animal cloth for Ernesto.


In its summary for the month of November 1860, The Natal Mercury noted that the news was principally confined to one topic. During the month an important change has taken place in our social fabric. A new element has been introduced and transfused into our population.

Letter from Lee to Phyllis Naidoo

I'm sending you a special card it is hand made by children in Namibia from banana leaves, enjoy the hand work. Your next letter will follow shortly. Doc said two more weeks before Jay comes. Ill send photos.

The development of the Indian Indenture Labour problem in South Africa

The indentured labour system arose to meet with the objective demands of a certain section of plantation owners resulting from the abolition of slavery. 'The very existing ascendant capitalism demanded a free labour supply and a maximum reserve of labour.

Official Inauguration of Truro House

Official Inauguration of Truro House

Postcard from Kate to Phyllis Naidoo

Real healing is taking place here. Self restoration. On a more extended plan, the contrast between Mission life (we are a mission, it seems) at the Lesotho sun.

Letter from Julian to Phyllis Naidoo

I want to say a bit of thank you for all those lovely gifts you sent & that amazing tray. It's become a permanent decoration in my meal. When it was shown to the lady who helps with garden and wh has a wonderful way of converting odds and ends.

Indians in South Africa, 1860-1914: the British Imperial Philosophy on Trial

EIGHTEENTH-CENTURY mercantilist dogma notwithstanding, the earliest stirrings of British imperial activity owed their inception to private initiative rather than governmental enterprise.

Natal and Indentured Indian Immigration

Owing to the attention which is at present being devoted to so called "Asiatic Penetration" the present time is perhaps an opprtune one at which attempt to review breifly the history of indentured Indian immigration into Natal.

Letter from Phyllis Naidoo to Judy

The shelf to my left has a parcel that Father Casa was to bring to you in Bulawayo when he was there two weeks ago. I had some sweets for Dad and Mum and another letter for Rabbi Ben. Casa found out that Ben has since gone to Johannesburg. Where? Bully for him. I hope he is happy being home.

Chronological list of anti Indian legislation in South Africa.

Law 3 of 1885, Transvaal: Prohibition on taking up residence except in segregated areas. Denial of all civic rights,

a) Law passed to amend Act 3 of 1885

Letter from Judy and John to Phyllis Naidoo

We received a letter from an American friend asking "whether we are involved in all the hard times in Africa - it sounds horrible". There are certainly ·"hard times" here in Southern Africa, particularly for the poor and unemployed.

Letters to the Colonial Secretary

Letters to the Colonial Secretary

Letters to the Natal Emigration Office

Letters to the Natal Emigration Office in April, October and June 1889


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