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South African Indian Council - Correspondence

1. Death Of J H Hofmeyer

2. Conference

South African Indian Council - Correspondences 1950

Post Office Telegraphs

South African Indian Council Corresponce

Minty : 02-02-1950

Motion for Conference - 23-04-1943

Co-op with Non-White Organisations

South African Indian Council Correspondence

Cassim Amra  - Permit
Passive Resistance Council
All India Students Federation

South African Indian Council. Copy of letters

SAIC correspondence


Re: George Singh

India and Pakiistan Delegation

South African Indian Council and India Correspondence

Indian and UNO - Indian Delegation - Dr Dadoo and Dr Monty Naicker - 1948-1950

SAIC Correspondence Miscellaneous

Correspondences 1948-1949

Dr Phyllis Naidoo

Phyllis Naidoo was a was a lawyer, university lecturer, author, activist and a force to be reckoned with. She was a member of the Non-European Unity ...

Professor Fatima Meer

She was the first Black woman to be appointed as a lecturer at a white South African University. She was on the staff of Natal University until ...

Mrs Christopher speaking at Red Square

1946 Passive Resistance Campaign

Pundit Pregmohan Singh at mike seated Debi Singh Dr Goonam

Passive Resist 1946

Amma Naidoo

Ama Naidoo was a South African anti-apartheid activist.

Young woman in Traditional Indian Dress

Tradional Indian Culture

Young woman in Traditional Inian Dress

Costume/cultural dress

Durban Indian Women’s Association

President SM Lawrence Presenting cheque to Mr Rambharos

South African Indian Council Records

M D Barmania SAIC records to be handed to joint secretaries 1948 - 1949

Deportation and Immigration.

South African Indian Council

Two members of the Naidoo family at a reception in London given by the Indian High Commissioner PC Alexander


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