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Work in progress 62-63 Paths to power

The political map of Southern Africa is being radically redrawn. The most vivid examples of this are the preindependence elections in.....

Labour affirmative action BEE press cuttings

This White Paper sets out the mandatory requirements and guidance on the steps which national departments and provincial administrations should take to developed implement their affirmative action programmes.....

Black empowerment BEE strategy
Black Empowerment (Political Dispensation)
Black Empowerment Business

NEVERSON Kamanga of Unimat Stationers has the huge mission of turning South Africa into the market of Africa......

Black Economic Empowerment

THE opening of the new international terminal at the Johannesburg International Airport by President Thabo Mbeki recently was a significant event, especially in the context of the president's vision of an African renaissance......

African National Congress Government Economic Policy

FOR the second time in three weeks, your writer Justice Malala has referred to me unkindly.

ANC government and economic policy

WHILE sitting at an ONF dinner party the other day, the conversation turned inevitably to politics and in particular the likes and dislikes of each at the table of prominent people - including former Cosatu secretary general Jay Naidoo.....

Journal of American Optometric Association Volume 59, Number 6, 6/88

Many optometrists remember "the good old days" in which the practice of optometry was considerably less complicated than it is today......

Affirmative Action into the '90s

The Affirmative Action (Equal Employment Opportunity for Women Act) 1986 (the Act) includes a requirement for the Director to review the effectiveness of the Act.

Affirmative Action Report Sponsored by the US Embassy

The following report describes the learning. points resulting from the South African Affirmative Action Group's (SAAAG) visit......

Affirmative Action in South Africa

Political reform in South Africa was taken one step further on 1 November 1995 with the country's first-ever democratic local government elections.....


Affirmative Action and the New Constitution

here's an old saying: one person's meat is another person's poison. So it is with affirmative.......

Affirmative action and Black advancement in business

One person's dream of advancement is another person's nightmare. What follows is an attempt to....

Redefining Merit

Monograph No. 2: Redefining Merit explodes as myth the common understanding that a person's merit for a particular job is based on a neutral assessment of their ability to perform the work.......


Affirmative Action 1996-1997 press cuttings

Affirmation action press cuttings....

Affirmative action into the '90s : discussion paper

This Discussion Paper is a very important part of the process of review.

Letter from Gunter and Elke Wohlk to Phyllis Naidoo.

Letter from Gunter and Elke Wohlk to Phyllis Naidoo.


Letters between Phyllis Naidoo and George.

Letters between Phyllis Naidoo and George.



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