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MARTIN WEST. First Lt Governor of Natal

First Lieutenant-Governor and the first civilian administrator of the Colony of Natal

THOMAS PRINGLE. 1820 Settler and fighter for the freedom of the Press

Thomas Pringle was a Scottish writer, poet and abolitionist. Known as the father of South African poetry, he was the first successful English language poet and author to describe South Africa's scenery, native peoples, and living conditions.


Sir John Robinson was the very first Prime Minister of Natal (now KwaZulu-Natal). Prime Minister, you ask, but how is that possible?

DINIZULU being escorted from Nongoma Goal

Dimensions 2428 x 1611

Family photo

Dimension 1698 x 2413

Family Photo. Third Generation of Bhikari Family

Dimensions 1967 x 2353

Certificate of Industrial Service of Mohabir Noosun

Dimensions 1446 x 1312

Bikhari Family

Dimensions 2620 x 1785

First Indian Football Club Westville 1904

Dimensions 1015x696

First Indian Cricket Club Westville 1904

Dimensions 1055 x 723

First Indian Football Club Westville

1025 x 726

First Indian Cricket Club Westville

Dimensions 941 x 675

Leslie Tsuela. Death in Detention : 1968-1981

Leslie Tsuela, death, detention, Docrat, police, Klerksdorp, homicide trial, prisoners, plantation

Bobby Tsotsobe. ANC Member 1981. Treason Trial

Booby Tsotsobe, ANC, Treason Trial, Court, police, AKM Docrat

Biographies - T
Wellington M. Tshazibane

Death in Detention, terrorism Act, Tshazibane Wellington

George Traicos death in Police Custody
Ahmed Timol - Terrorism Act Trial
Ahmed Timol - Terrorism Act Trial

Timol Ahmed, Newspaper articles, Court, detainee, state witness, Cohen

A diversity of control Power and the foundation of Lion’s Bush Conservancy


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