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Drama Dep, UDW / Blast No Bang, 1987
Draft replies to questions to be asked in Parliament

Question no. 1

How many instances of Indian penetration in European areas have been investigated to date by the Joint Committee?

Draft Ordinance to replace to Pegging Act

Further to my telegram of 30th ultimo on the above subject addressed to his Hon the Administrator and his telegraphic reply.....

Draft Ordinance

To provide for the regulation in borough and townships of the occupation and acquisition of residential and other property by persons of certain racial group....

Draft Occupation Control Ordinance, 1944 and Memorandum of Draft Amendments suggested by Standing Counsel

To make provision for the licensing, regulation and control of the residential purpose of dwelling by persons of certain racial groups in boroughs.....

Draft Occupation Control Ordinance

That the necessary steps be taken to secure if possible that representatives of the Durban City Council are given a hearing by Natal Provincial Council..

Draft Occupation Control Ordinance

The City Council at its meeting on the 23 June 1944 adopted the following resolution....

Draft Occupation Control Ordinance

This Draft Ordinance is designed to exercise control over the occupation of residential properties throughout the Province of Natal and for this purpose there will be set up a Licensing Board comprising two Europeans and two Indian members under the chairmanship of a third European who will be a

Draft Occupation Control Ordinance

When Standing Counsel appeared on behalf of the City Council before the Select Committee of the Natal Provincial Council on the last occasion in connection with the Draft Occupation Control Ordinance...

Draft Memorandum to Sub Committee Re. Legislation Re. Indian Penetration

Draft Memorandum to Sub Committee Re Legislation Re Indian Penetration

Draft International Declaration of Human Rights

Whereas recognition of the inherent dignity and of the equal and inalienable rights of the members of the human family is the foundation of freedom, justice and peace in the world ......

Dr. Yusuf Mohamed Dadoo: His speeches, articles and correspondence with Mahatma Gandhi, 1939-1983

speeches, articles and correspondence with Mahatma Gandhi

Dr. Yusuf Dadoo - President : Transvaal Indian Congress (Framed)
Dr. Y. M. Dadoo (Contact photos) (Black & White)
Dr. Solomon & other guests

Springfield College of Education Event

Dr. Solomon & other guests

Educators at the Springfield College of Education

Dr. Solomon & other guests

Guest and educators at the an event at the Springfiled College of Education

Dr. Sitaram

University of Durban-Westville

Dr. Riversmoore at a Red Cross Event

2842 x 1824

Dr. G. V. Naidoo at a Red Cross event

2842 x 1824


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