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Thanga Dharmalingam Passive Resister

Women od Passive Resistance

Satyagrahi : Thailema

Thayanayagie (Thailema), daughter of Veerammal Naidoo and Govindasamy Kristshnasamy, was four years old when her family moved to the Tolstoy Farm. Gandhi, with the help of....


Protesting against the setting up of the segregated tricameral parliament. Durban 1983

Protesting against the setting up the segregated......

NR Maharaj, BA Naidoo, VSV Pillay, RP Govender, M Pothraju, RP Das, G Christopher, SP Singh and J Moses (inset)

Group photograph


Pint Sized Protest 10-year-old Kuben Naidoo outside the magistrate’s court in West Street, JHB

The fourth Generation of the Naidoos protest at a Magistrates Court in Johannesburg

Mrs S Moodaly, the first chairperson of The Durban Indian Child Welfare Society

Image of Mrs S Moodaly

Shembe Church member, "married women", eKuphakameni, 1953

Shembe church members, "married women", eKuphakameni, 1953

Aruna Asaf Ali and Kamladevi Chattopadhyay

In New Delhi on Gandhi Jayanti with two other revolutionaries..

Manonmoney Naidoo and Shantivathie Naidoo

With a postive conviction....

Article on the imprisonment of Indres Naidoo

A crowd of Indians gathers around to wave good-bye as three young Indian men are taken away from Rand Supreme Court....

South African Women's Day

At a rally in Johannesburg on the South African Women's Day...

Mother sobs

Mrs Naidoo sobs as her son is sentenced to imprisonment


Intermixing of European and Non-Europeans

The following letter was received from the Provincial secretary......

Indian Penetration

On 6th November 1942 the Council appointed a deputation consisting of His Worship....

Extract from the minutes of Geneal Purpose Committee

The mayor informed the Committee that he had been approached by the Minister of the Interior to permit the Town Clerk's Legal Assistant to proceed......


Record pf proceedings at the first quarterly meeting of the Executive

Delgates assembled by kind invitation in the City Council Chamber...

Record of Proceedings at the first quarterly meeting of the Executive

Mr Allison felt the proposal was sound and pointed out the ready manner in which....

Ex parte City Durban. In re Asiatic Penetration

I am very much at a disadvantage in expressing an opinion in this case, because I have only  had 24 hours within which to do it, the problem it presents.....

Deputation of Durban City Council- Indian Penetration

In order enable Natal Provincial Executive attend proposed Indian Penetration discussion suggest.....

Telegram from the Secretary of the Interior to Town Clerk Durban

Re. Your telegram 19th November and previous correspondence stop .....


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