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Letter from Phyllis Naidoo to Friends

I awoke early today knowing it was Friday and it was Sahdhan's (Sanna) birthday. Had he lived he would have been 36, and maybe made me a gift of a grandchild. Somewhere else I have written about his birth at McCord Hospital of beautiful nurses and a racist one.


With the appointment of the Rt. Hon. Shastri, as the High Commissioner of India to the Union of South Africa, Indo-South African relations have entered into a new and significant stage.

Memorandum on the Position of Indians in the Union of South Africa submitted to the United Nations

The existence of the Indian population in South Africa is not the result of any forcible or illegal entry of Indians into that country. It is, on the other hand, the result of organised emigration mutually agreed upon between the Goy.ernment of India and the Government of Natal.

Letter from Phyllis Naidoo to Friends

Today is two (2) years since Sha left us and I am still bleeding.  When the phone rang at 6.15 this morning I was afraid that it was Sha's nurse telling me in trying to stand up Sha fell to his death, but it was my darling Betty telling me she would take me to hospital at 7.30am.

Letter from Phyllis Naidoo to Friends

On the 5/7/79, in Maseru,a parcel bomb dispatched by the racists; hurt 6 of us. The ANC sent me to Hungary for medical treatment. While such treatment beggared description, we lacked th language to appreciate fully our Hungarian experience.

Letter from Titus Moetsabi to Phyllis Naidoo

Dear Aunt Phyll - teacher, friend, mum! I can not postpone anymore writing to you. How are you? I believe you are still working hard, which you must not do always, to safeguard the ideals for which centuries of strugglers stood up for.

Letter from Sukhthi to Phyllis Naidoo

Funny you should mention sunflowers - as just a couple of weeks ago. I threw seeds all over the garden  - and they've started sprouting. I'll send you pictures when they bloom. Garden is getting better although now with winter coming we'll loose all the the green.

Letter from Sue to Phyllis Naidoo

Thank you for the two copies of your constitution. I think that it is a brilliant idea to.have a KISS version (Keep It Simple Stupid) as well, and I think that our Government should do it before we become a republic.

Letter from Phyllis Naidoo to Sister Julian

I don t know whether the Rothmans July Handicap has any meaning for you, if it did, it is on today. If you have your money on any of the horses do not ask me for advice. I might live in this town but am not aware of the horses that run in this years race. Sorry.

Letter from Sheila to Phyllis Naidoo

Many Thanks for the picture of my children and your expressions of pride, pain and solidarity. So much sadness has passed our way over the years. 

Message to the South African Community from the Leaders of India

Mr. Sorabjee Rustomjee, Leader of the South Ahican Indian Congress Delegation to India, brings the follOwing messages from the Leaders in India to the South African Indian community.

Letter from SAYURI MOODLIAR to Phyllis Naidoo

Our transfer documents have been ready to lodge for several months but the attorneys for the new bondholder have not been ready. The purchaser had not signed the bond documents and eventually only did so about four weeks ago where upon we were given the guarantee.

The Agreement between India and South Africa

In writing for the International Review of Missions concerning the Agreement between the South African and Indian Governments, which has reconciled some of the gravest outstanding difficulties, it is right that I should lay stress, at the outset, on the spiritual side of the long conflict.

Aid to India

For the past .ten years, January 26th has been observed in India as Independence Day. The great majority of the people of India long for the day when' their land will be completely independent of foreign control.

Letter from Sarah to Phyllis Naidoo

Thank you for your letter in January. I had promised myself that I would always reply to you within a month, but I've failed, sorry! Glad the photos were good. Good news about Fio - I do hope its true!

Republic of India - Souvenir Brochure

Souvenir Programme

26th January 1950

In Commemoration of the Republic of India

Letter from Rev. Lucius Walker, Jr to Phyllis Naidoo

Dear Friends and Supporters, You made history in 1996!! You made history with us this year when our sixth Friendshipment Caravan delivered the largest-ever solidarity shipment of computers to hospitals in Cuba.

Bleeding Punjab Warns

DHANWANTRI, the author was a comrade-in-arms of Bhagat Singh, was the President o/the Lahore District . Congress Committee for six years and is a prominent Communist leader of the Punjab.

The Wragg Commission. A Study of Economic and Social factors

The Wragg Commission

Report of the Indian Enquiry Commission

We, the Commissioners appointed by Your Excellency to hold a public judicial Enquiry into the disturbances in connection with the recent strike of Indians in Natal, the causes and circumstances which led to that strike and to those disturbances, the amount of force used in the suppression of the


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