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The Blue Mosque

The Blue Mosque was established between 1346 and 1347, or 747 to 748 in Hijri years.

The Bombing of Mr. Thembi Hani's Car : Article from Lesotho Weekly Newspaper.

The remains of a car belonging to Mr. Thembi Hani a South African refugee who lives at Lower Seoli in the outskirts of Maseru. The car was destroyed by a bomb at about 2.45 a.m. last Wednesday Shortly, after the blast, a man was found sprawled next to the wrecked, car.

The Broome Commission
The Broome Commission - List of Articles
The Buddha protected by Nagaraja Mucalinda

Mucalinda is the name of a nāga, a snake-like being, who protected the Gautama Buddha from the elements after his enlightenment. It is said that four weeks after Gautama Buddha began meditating under the Bodhi Tree, the heavens darkened for seven days, and a prodigious rain descended. ...

The Bus group meeting Invitation

The Bus group meeting Invitation.

The Cape Town Agreement

WHILE heartily congratulating Mr. P. S. Aiyar on so ably stating his case against the Capetown Agreement, in a wholly im personal manner, there are certain comments which are necessary for me to make, in order to correct any false impressions :

The Capital Radio news team

News Team - Capital Radio

The Capital Washington DC

Various photographed slides of different parts of the World

The Caretaker, 1989
The Caretaker, 1989
The Caretaker, 1989
The Caretaker, 1989
The Caretaker, 1989
The Caretaker, 1989
The Caretaker, 1989
The Caretaker, 1989
The Chairman and Members of the Indian Colonization Enquiry Committee

Government of India, Indian Delegation, Indian Indenture Labour, Housing, Education, Indian Immigration, Relief Act, employment, Trade Industry

The Chairman and members of the Judicial Commission appointment to enquire into the Durban riots(1949)

To promote and advance the cause of the people resident in the Province of Natal, to improve their condition and status politically,economically and socially, to guard against any encroachment upon existing rights and privileges, to work for and foster peace, goodwill and cooperation as f

The changing face of Theatre in the Indian community of Durban : an overview from the 1910’s to 1985

What I propose to do in this essay is to succintly focus on the changing face of theatre in the Indian Community in Durban. The essay will look at the role of the Sabha and its attempts to propagate and preserve Hindu culture and therefore its influence on Indian theatre.


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