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Report of R M Inanda

Report of R M Inanda

W H Beaumont to Colonial Secretary


Letter from DR R. JACKPERSAD AND PARTNERS to Phyllis Naidoo

LEGAL DEMAND, You have failed to react to previous statements and correspondence.

Letter to the Colonial Secretary

Letter to the Colonial Secretary

Letter from Desi to Phyllis Naidoo

This book on Cuba looks like a fabulous read, i hope it is.

Letter from Phyllis Naidoo to Caobb

See forgotten your name already, & you thought you made a lasting impression on me. At the time i was even jooled. You have to watch these old jogies herewith.

Report of the Indian Immigration Committee dated 28 June 1888

Establishment of special court of the protector, memorandum

Report from the Protector of Indian Immigrants to Colonial Secretary dated

Colonial Secretary. Much of the information finished in the Boards remarks on the defects adverted to by the commission was derived, necessarily from me I can therefore say very little to Supplement those remarks.

Letter from Carol to Phyllis Naidoo

Thank you for taking care of Bud. He said he walked you all over Durban! The sandals are great. I was glad to here you are now well or lots better. Travel, you know, can help you write! Come!

Letter from Phyllis Naidoo to Carol and Bud

I am replying to your letter of the 30th in an orange recycled envelope, with a pretty address at Flagstaff, the hills all iced and the nude trees in front. Very very pretty. Despite the airmail it took 15 days to arrive.


Newspaper articles on and 100 and 120 and 125 years of Indian Indenture Arrival

Collection of newspaper articles related to the Arrival on Indenture Indians in Natal....

Contract of Service with Indian Immigrants

While the salary aspect of the contract was clearly described the lodging, food and accommodation often left much t be desired

The Coolies are Here

The past week will long be memorable amongst Anglo Natalians. At last, after the discussion of years and the extinction of hopes innumerable" the planters.'" pet project ,. has been realized. There has been so much said in certain.

Letter to the Inspector of Nuisances Office

Letter to the Inspector of Nuisances Office...

I beg to inform you that on the 1st instant the night soil service was the Congelle and a portion of the Berea districts in accordance with the resolution of council.....

Deed of Transfer by Virtue of a Power of Attorney

Deed of Transfer by Virtue of a Power of Attorney

Know all Men whom it may concern...appeared before me. Registrar of Deeds, HE, the said Appeared, being duly authorized therefore by a Special....

Letter from Phyllis Naidoo to Carmen

I want to thank you much for helping with the boxes, taking me to Pretoria, enjoying lunch with the Cuban Ambassador and his wife and returning me home to Gonda . Many, Many Thanks .

Indenture Legal Document - Bond

Introduction of Coolies Underlaw No. 15, 1859.

Know all Men by these pesents

Letter from Carmen and Martin to Phyllis Naidoo

Happy birthday Phyllis, thank you for having given your all over these 70 years to those those who needed it. May you have the courage to keep it up for many more years.

The Indian Trader

The Indian trader made his appearance shortly after the arrival ofthe Indentured Indian. This pattern is evident wherever the Indentured Indian set foot, be it Mauritius, Trinidad, British Guiana or any of the British colonies.

Letter from Bud to Phyllis Naidoo

Nearly four weeks since i left Durban - after a great visit. Thanks so very much! i hope your two weeks in Jo-burg went well and that you are back in your routine of writing.

Cape Town from Table Mountain

Cape Town from Table Mountain


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