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Letter from Phyllis Naidoo to Ngoako

When I leave messages on your cell phone I am never sure that you check on these messages. I am so glad you called yesterday. It was you on the 30/6/88 who said, to the lady who adds sunshine to my life.

Letter from Phyllis Naidoo to Nerissa

On both my parents scrap books (2) I would like the following inscription or something that has all these elements.

Top education post for leading academic

Former Durban academic Nasima Badsha has been appointed to the post of Deputy Director General of Education. The Cabinet appointed Badsha, a 46-year-old mother of two, this week to head the Higher Education division.



Letter from Phyllis Naidoo to Mrs Sexwale

I should have written to you a few weeks ago when we buried your son and my comrade Reggie. I promised Matabata that I would - but he gave me an address that did not sound correct.

Letter from Phyllis Naidoo to Mrs Sepati Mokhele

I heard the news of Ntate Mokhele's death with great shock. I was aware that he had been pensioned but was not aware that he was ill.

Letter from Phyllis Naidoo to Monroe

I had your book MUMIA a week ago and it has been near the computer waiting this letter. Today I had your packed envelop with Cuban, African Material, photo of you and Sarah with two turkeys.

Letter from Monroe Gilmore to Phyllis Naidoo

Monroe phones to say he has received the cow bells and chimes. He kept on ringing it on the telephone - hurting my ear drum - With friends like this...

Letter from Phyllis Naidoo to Mike

That Lady in your CT office is a gem. She phoned at your instruction (from Australia) to give me an update your state of health post the surgery. Wanting to save you an exorbitant telephone bill I told her that I was kept abreast by Ruth Lundie.

The Occupation Control Ordinance - The Petition

Your Petitioners are the elected representatives in the sphere of the local government of the City of Durban....

Durban Corporation - Draft Occupation Control Ordinance

The first question submitted is whether, in view of Section 86  of the Provincial Council the South Africa Act it would be.....

Letter on the Draft Occupation Ordinance

You will be aware of the intention of the Natal Provincial Administration to introduce i the Provincial Council....

Letter from Michael Lapsley to Phyllis Naidoo

For some time I have wanted to express to you all a deep sense of gratitude. Through loving thoughts, prayers and good wishes, you have all accompanied me on the journey which I have traveled since I first contracted meningitis and was hospitalized in Canada in May.

General Purpose Committee - Draft Occupation Control Ordinance

That an urgent request be made for a deputation from the Durban City Council to be accorded...

Letter from Luke Trainor to Phyllis Naidoo

How delightful to receive your gift of the books on the constitution and to have your inscription on them! It the kind of you to take the trouble.

Letter from Liz ang Benjamin to Phyllis Naidoo

I've left much too much time go by without a letter to you. Time seems to fly by these days. All spring I was looking forward to everything I was going to get done in the summer vacation but ended up working most of it.

Letter from Mary Nash to Phyllis Naidoo

Mary Nash ls 90! Let's Tell Her How Much We Love Her! Here's What You Can Do: On June 11, 1997, our mother, sister, aunt, cousin, great aunt, grandmother, great grandmother, in-law, out-law, and friend, Mary Nash Keesler Gilmour will be 90 years young!

Draft Ordinance to replace to Pegging Act

Further to my telegram of 30th ultimo on the above subject addressed to his Hon the Administrator and his telegraphic reply.....

Minutes of the The City Council of The City of Durban

Minutes of the The City Council of The City of Durban

Memorandum upon the Draft Ordinance to replace the Pegging Act submitted by the Ad Hoc Sub-Committee

Memorandum upon the Draft Ordinance to replace the Pegging Act submitted by the Ad Hoc Sub-Committee..

The General principle of the Draft Ordinance is in the opinion of the Sub Committee ....

Proposed Ordinance to replace the Pegging Act

Proposed Ordinance to replace the Pegging Act


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