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Various Phamplets on racism
Various newspaper cuttings on the Natal Indian Congress - 1970

N.I.C. press cuttings

Various Minarets

Minarets are a tall spire standing on or next to mosques and is usually taller.

Various Correspondence on the Draft Occupation Control Ordinance

E C Wilkes, Esq, M. P. C. papers

I have been instructed to inform you that on behalf of the Ratepayers' Associations of Durban it is requested that before any final decision be taken with regard to....

Various Correspondence - Draft Occupation Control Ordinance

There is one most important feature which I think Natal and its Provincial Councilors would do well carefully

Value Added Tax
Valsad District - India Map

Valsad, historically known as Bulsar, is a city and a municipality in Valsad district of the Indian state of Gujarat. It is the district headquarters of Valsad district.

Valliamma Munuswami Mudliar 1898 1914 Child Martyr A True Story

This story is an abstract of press reports, speeches, documents and quotations. Part One is about the life story of Valliamma. Part Two records various tributes and memorials to her.

Valliamma Moodliar (Passive Resister died 1913)

The late Miss Valiamina Moodaly
who died after serving a term of imprisonment as a
Passive Resister

Valabhdas Vasnjee - Documents, Commerce, Umgeni Crematorium Society

Valabhdas Vasanjee family documents

Valabhdas Vasnjee - Documents, Commerce, Umgeni Crematorium Society

Newspaper articles collection

Vadi Pranshankar Vinayakrad Joshi (Senior)

Gujarati theatre refers to theatre performed in the Gujarati language, including its dialects. ...

Vaccination Certificate

Vaccination was made ... hours every day except Sunday in examining and granting certificate to.

V. Naik - oldest member & Ex - President
V. M. Joklaker welcomes Dr. N. B. Desai

The South African Gujarati Maha Parishad

V. M. Joklaker at a service to Community

The South African Gujarati Maha Parishad

V Sirkari Naidoo - Fiat Lux May 1978, p.8

Mr V Sirkari Naidoo Biography.

V Chockalingam Pillai correspondence


Ustad Ravi on-Sitar


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