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Thumbi Naidoo Funeral with Yusuf Dadoo
Thumbi Naidoo Funeral with Yusuf Dadoo
Thumbi Naidoo Funeral with Yusuf Dadoo
Mrs. Sarojini Naidu
Mrs. Sarojini Naidu
Nelson R Mandela & Rev. Trevor Huddleston
Description Nelson Mandela Addressing the All African People's Conference in Pietermaritzburg (March 1961).
Nelson & Winnie Mandela on their wedding day, 14 June 1958
Nelson Mandela wearing a traditional attire
Nelson Mandela as a young man
Nelson Mandela's individual portrait
In April 1958 the ANC organised a one day strike to protest against the whites only elections. Chief Luthuli addressed a meeting in Cape Town & appealed for support from the white audience. With him on the platform are (Left to Right), Annie Silinga (Lead

ANC, one day strike, protest, whites only elections, Chief Luthuli, Cape Town, white audience, Annie Silinga


The trialists charged with high treason included Chief Luthuli, & Nelson Mandela seen on the right with Patrick Molooa & Robert Resha
Nelson & Winnie strolling in the gardens of Archbishop Desmond Tutu's residence in Bishopscourt, where he spent his first night as a free man
Two presidents whose stature is the same in the democratic world, Nelson Mandela & Bill Clinton
After the government introduced the Bantu Education Act, which Dr. Hendrik Verwoerd, the minister responsible for its implementation in1955, declared would "train & teach people in accordance with their opportunities in life", the ANC launched a boycott o
The way they were as young lawyer activists & in December 1990 when, after more than three decades in exile, Oliver Tambo was welcomed home by his old comrade
Nelson & Winnie Mandela at a Celebratory supper with Oliver & Adelaide Tambo
A poster makes an important proclaimation as four eager children await the return to Soweto of the man who last saw his house in Orlando West nearly 30 years earlier, The photo appears in on album presented to President Mandela by The Star, Johannesburg.
Nelson Mandela talks to some of the anti - pass protesters who defied the law & went to jail in their hundreds


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