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The Indian at home and overseas - VOL 1. NO 1

A Political, Cultural and Trade Review


The non-White peoples in the Union of South Africa suffer :numerous disabilities, social, economic and political, which reduce them to conditions of virtual servitude.

South Africa, The complex country

The treatment of Indians in South Africa is again discussed at the present meeting of the United Nations. This article is offered as an objective back ground to the discussion.....


In South Africa a number of distinct systems of value operate within one broad political framework, and the control of power in all spheres politics, wealth, education, entertainment- is vested in the Europeans. Generally speaking the Non-Europeans, Africans, Indians and …

Indian Franchise 1944-1950

Indian Franchise

The Position of Indians in South Africa

I speak as an Indian who was born in South Africa. and has lived all his life in a city. Some 95 per cent. of the Indians in the union arc South African-born, and about 70 per cent. of us live in areas classified as urban; so I am not in any way unusual.....

Newspaper cuttings

Moosa Hajee Cassim Charities Trust - Newspaper cuttings

Transport Inquiry Commission

Memorandum submitted to the Transport Inquiry Commission

Women's Cultural group

Women's Cultural Group - Rhonda Dylisse, Pupil of the World-famous Ramgopal

Letter to the District Commissioner - Butha Buthe

The Basutoland Indian Community

The Indian in South Africa

The Position in Durban

Anti-Segregation Council

Anti-Segregation Council

Affiliated Organisations


Address by comrade Govan Mbeki at the concluding function of the 50th Anniversary of India's Independence on 19th August 1998 at Cape Town

Address by comrade Govan Mbeki

Papers and Programmes of the "Story of the people in South Africa

Papers and Programmes of the "Story of the people in South Africa

Indian Centenary - 1860 - 1960

Indian Centenary - 1860 - 1960

Annual report of the agent of the government of India in South Africa for the year ending 31st December 1927

The appointment of an Agent of the Government of India in South Africa is an outcome of the Conference held at Cape Town in December 1926 and January 1927 between representatives of the Governments of India and of the Union of South Africa.....

The Chairman and members of the Judicial Commission appointment to enquire into the Durban riots(1949)

To promote and advance the cause of the people resident in the Province of Natal, to improve their condition and status politically,economically and socially, to guard against any encroachment upon existing rights and privileges, to work for and foster peace, goodwill and cooperation as f

Notes of evidence given by Mr S.R.Naidoo

I live in Pietermaritzburg. I am the President of the Natal Indian Organisation (Maritzburg Branch). I have been in public life for a matter of 40 years. I was appointed a member on the COLONISATION ENQUIRY COMMITTEE appointed by the Union Government....

Letter to the Right Hourable the Prime Minister

The South African Indian Organisation is grievously concerned with the statements that are being made by various ministers of the Government on the Indian question. These statements, we venture to submit, are calculated to future deteriorate the relationship.....


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