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COSATU third national congress 12 - 16 July. - Bi-annual report
Companies, retail shops press cuttings 1994-1998
Churches to campaign for loans for the poor

THE Diakonia Council of Churches intends to campaign vigorously on the issue of credit for......

Pension for Bantu Workers

An ever increasing number of firms are enquiring about pension schemes for Bantu workers......

May 1st day of black worker solidarity

MAY DAY or International Labour Day has a very great historical significance. It is a day when workers the world over reach across continents.....


South Africa has enjoyed almost unbroken prosperity since 1933. The National Income, measured at current prices, increased.....


Winifred Jane Turner
Trade and industry press cuttings
Press cuttings on the Rand, Reserve bank and ministry of finance
South African Economy
South African Currency (Rand) press cuttings
SCOPA press cuttings
Sanctions press cuttings
SA economic prospects press cuttings
Public Enterprise press cuttings
Disinvestment & Sanctions: 1986
Parpil products

The management, organisation and procedures detailed on the following pages.......

National Economic Development Labour Council press cuttings
NAIL (New Africa Investments) press cuttings

black-empowerment investment

Mineral energy press cuttings


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