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Open minds in open Universities

ON the 13th May, 1955, in the House of Assembly, the Minister of Education, Mr. Viljoen, said that "it had to be remembered that apartheid was the expressed policy of the Government, and it had announced time and again that it would carry out this policy in the universities.

Open Learning for workplace Education, Training and Development (ETD)

"You all know about population growth. When Oxford University was founded in the 13th Century there were about 500 million, people in the world.

Open division soccer team of Sastri College

Team photograph of the Open Division team of Sastri College

Ooka Bhana (with negatives)
Ooka Bhana (with negatives)
Ooka Bhana (with negatives)
Ooka Bhana
Ooka Bhana
On The Virgin Cleansing Myth: Gendered Bodies, AIDS and Ethnomedicine

This paper is neither an attempt to verify perceived increases in the sexual assault or rape of children, nor is it an attempt to explain these crimes in the context of present-day South Africa.

Olive Schreiner

Olive Schreiner was a South African author, anti-war campaigner and intellectual. She is best remembered today for her novel The Story of an African Farm, which has been highly acclaimed.

Old Schools opposite the New Victoria Street market

Image of the old shops opposite the New Victoria Street Market

Old Indian School

Image of an old school building

Old Indian Photo - Transvaal ? (with negatives).
Old Indian Market

Old indian market

Old Indian Market

Staller holders and customers in the old Indian Market

Old Indian man carrying a child

Various photographed slides of different parts of the World

Old building of Woodlands High School

Woodlands High School

Ojiri or Tripe - Indian Food

Oriji or trip curry, Indian recipe.

Recipe in the Indian Delights recipe book.

OH Ally

Miscellaneous illustrations from Indian Opinion on Gandhi & the passive resistance movement - c. 1893 - 1914. ( photo, photocopy & negative)

Officials of Newlands Indians Primary School. Party given to Education Inspectors after the passing of the School - early 1940's.

Party given to Education Inspectors after the passing of the School - early 1940's.


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