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The Frontier in History: North America and Southern Africa compared

The dominant tradition in historical scholarship is one that deals in single cases. The time, energy, and talents of the typical historian are fully engaged......

The Freedom Charter, 1955

The Freedom Charter is a unique document in that for the first time ever, the people were actively involved in formulating their own vision of an alternative society. The existing order of State oppression and

The Freedom Charter formed the basis of the charge when in December 1956, 156 leaders of the Congress Alliance were arrested & charged with high treason.

In 1956, their question was answered when 156 Congress leaders were arrested and put on trial for high treason. The swoop came in the early ...

THE FREEDOM CHARTER - Phyllis collection

THE FREEDOM CHARTER - Phyllis collection

The Freedom Charter
The Free South African Movement

As part of the national celebrations to mark the decade of freedom, the Documentation Centre and the Campbell Collections of the University of KwaZulu-Natal will jointly host a conference of the International Anti-Apartheid Movement over three days in Durban from 10 - 13 October, 2004.  The confe

The fourth Noble Truth

The Four Noble Truths comprise the essence of Buddha's teachings, though they leave much left unexplained. They are the truth of suffering, the truth of the cause of suffering, the truth of the end of suffering, and the truth of the path that leads to the end of suffering.

The fourth generation of the Naidoo's protest at the magistrates court in Johannesburg

10-year-old Kuben Naidoo outside the magistrate’s court in West Street, Johannesburg

The Forum - Volume 9 Number 1 - April 1960

An enterprise whose products are vital to the progress of the world, must have "progress" as its own watchword. That is.....

The formative value of drama presentations on selected student teachers

The purpose of this dissertation is to investigate the perceptions of the students with regard to their participation in this component of their training. To examine some of the findings in terms of selected aspects of educational drama/theatre and teacher behaviour.

The fools on the hill : the Natal government asylum and the institutionalisation of insanity in colonial Natal

Representing one aspect of my wider research into changing perceptions and practices of mental illness and mental health in the period c.1850-1950 in the region that today is KwaZulu-Natal, this paper focuses on the colonial identification and institutionalisation of those deemed insane between t

The Family Relationship in Islam

To Muslims, Islam is the code of life which God has revealed for the guidance of mankind. In Islam there is complete coordination of the spiritual and material aspects of human life.

The extractor - SA Sugar Association
The experiences of marriage and family by Indian migrants under indenture in colonial Natal.

This thesis attempts to examine the social institutions of marriage and family as experienced by Indian migrants under indenture in colonial Natal.

The epidemiology of parasuicide at RK Khan Hospital (Thesis , 1984)

The epidemiology of parasuicide cases presenting at RK Khan Hospital was examined in response to a request from the RK Khan Hospital Advisory Board, (1,2) in Chatsworth, Durban to the Department of Community Health, Faculty of Medicine, University of Natal in Durban.

The Enlightenment Gautama is shown as an empty throne under the Bodhi tree Sanchi India 1st Century AD

Mucalinda is the name of a nāga, a snake-like being, who protected the Gautama Buddha from the elements after his enlightenment.


The English speaking dimension in South African Politics

Paper presented to the biennial conference of the South African Historical Society, held at the University of Durban-Westville July 1981.

The encyclopedia of the Indian diaspora

The encyclopedia of the Indian diaspora

The emaulation of Indian business in management - Oct 1983
The Elementary Programme of African Nationalism


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