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Surat Arya Bhajan Mandal
Surat Association building in Cross Street

The Cross Street property was purchased in 1915

Surah Al-Fatehah in kneeling position thanks and forgiveness

Surah Al-Fatihah therefore has a great position in Islam and many blessings as ... All thanks and praise are due to Allah for these favors from beginning to end. ...

Supreme Court Correspondence

Broome J : In July last this Court granted a rule calling upon the City Council of Durban and all other interested persons to show cause why the Registrar....

Supplementary Agenda. Items for consideration at te Executive Committee meeting

Intermixing of Europeans and Non Europeans.

The following circular letter was sent to all local Authorities on the ....

Supplement to the treatment of Indians in South Africa recent developments

Supplement to the treatment of Indians in South Africa recent developments.

The following statements brings the position regarding treatment of Indians in South Africa and the denial of fundamental freedom and human rights to non-European peoples up to date

Supplement to the Hindi

Hindi Newspaper

Supplement to Indian Opinion

There is no doubt that our deputation to India have rendered yeoman services to our cause.

Supper time at the Aryan Benevolent Home

The Aryan Benevolent Home Council is a registered non-profit organisation, which takes care of children, elderly and physically or mentally disabled people.

Sunrise Trophy Bought in 1930

Sunrise sporting club trophy

Sunrise Sporting Club
Sunrise Shield dated 1936

Soccer sport club and football team shield badge set. Soccer ball on heraldic shield, decorated with champion wreath, ribbon banner and star for ...

Sunrise SC Tongaat Badge

Soccer team in Tongaat

Sunny Venketrathnam Biograhies and Newspaper cutting

Sunny Venketrathnam

Sunny Venkatruthnam, D Govindsamy, guest and Kiru Naidoo at the Gandhi, Luthuli, King, Mandela Exhibition
Sunday services Children

A temple is holy ground and is a place where people hope to find peace and tranquillity in order to relate to God.

Sunday School teacher with children
Sunday 18th May, 1986

Letter written to Mam Phyllis


For the past hundred years there has been in force in South Africa legislation deferentially affecting the various racial groups now comprised within the Union of South Africa.


The Group Areas Act is largely based on the principles of the existing legislation, but goes beyond those principles in some respects. Firstly, it extends the principle of exclusive racial areas so as to provide for exclusively European areas.


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