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In October 1913 approximately 20,000 Indian workers joined Mahatma Gandhi's campaign of resistance against the South African government. This was a spontaneous outburst against terrible working conditions and a realisation that the£ 3 poll tax on free Indians meant perpetual indenture.

'Arabs hawKing'

Colored scene of Arabs riding Camels on a hunt for Hawks.


The post-World War II international order has obviously changed dramatically. After 43 years the Cold War is no more, brought to a sudden end by the undeniable failure of communism to satisfy human needs and the internal collapse of the Soviet system.


Pair of wooden ear studs with plastic design.

"Inkosi Mkhize" speaking to the audiences, eMbo Community Health Centre, 29 May 1998

"Inkosi Mkhize" speaking to the audiences, eMbo Community Health Centre, 29 May 1998

"Go home to India" placard won't stop Anesh

An Indian police station commissioner's first day at the office heading an all-African force in Umbumbulu.....

"Champion of Peace and Freedom"

Umbrellas go up as the rain comes down, but nothing could dampen the enthusiasm of the huge crowd which gathered to honour Chief Luthuli at Curries Fountain last week.


"A man of keen perceptive faculties" : Aboobaker Amod Jhaveri, an "Arab" in Colonial Natal, circa 1872-1887

Indians arrived in South Africa in two streams. Between 1860 and 1911, a total of 152 184 indentured labourers were introduced into colonial Natal mainly to work on the sugar plantations, though some were employed in other sectors of the economy. This initial flow …

Tradition and transformations–The Phongolo-Mzimkhulu region in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries
The Great Mosque or Masjid-e Jameh of Isfahan

mosque in Iran, located in the historical centre of Isfahan. The monument ... iwans (Chahar Ayvān) around the courtyard as well as two ... Malek Shah and initiated and supervised by his minister ...

THE BEARDS" VERSUS THE "BARD'S" AMONG INDIAN MUSLIMS IN SOUTH AFRICA: A 21st Century Story of Travelling Cartoons and Protests

This paper examines Indian Muslims in post-apartheid South Africa, with particular respect to the inclination by non-Muslims to view Muslims as a

Sutherlands Football Club

Seniors. Founded 1944, affiliated to MDIFA

Statement - Helen Joseph sent by Phyllis Naidoo to Bernhard
Socialism today - challenges

Speech to World Social Forum - by Sitaram Yechuri

Sense of Culture
Red Cross Social

Red Cross Society

Newspaper article on the Indian Market

Newspaper article on the Indian market

Natal and Zululand from earliest times to 1910 : a new history

Written by twelve historians and two archeologists, this history of Natal for more than 20 years is edited by two professors of history in the University of Natal. This book deals with a number of

Minutes of a meeting of the Natal Indian Congress Executive Committee held on the 21st October 1947

Minutes - 1947

Madrasah-i Madar-i Shahh

  Madrasa Madar-i Shah, is a 17-18th century cultural complex in Isfahan


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