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Bhambatha - photographs and history
Bhajan Mandal

Bhajan Group Mandal - Eisteddfod

Bhajan group donates R5000

The Aryan Benevolent Home Council is a registered non-profit organisation, which takes care of children, elderly and physically or mentally disabled people.

Bhajan Group
Bhai Ramdutt Bhawani Dayal with his sons Narendrakumar and Mahendrakumar at Jacobs June 1937
Bhai Ramdutt Bhawani Dayal walking in West Street near Durban City Hall June_1937
Beyond the bend: South Africa, Southern Africa and Namibian independence (IDASA occasional papers)
Beyond Racism. Embracing and Interdependent future
Beyond Borders From Swaraj to Swaziland Rajes Pillay’s journey from exile to freedom

‘In this period Rajes, became active in the underground of the ANC, working with people like Mandla Judson Khuzwayo, George Naicker, Phyllis Naidoo and Indres Naidoo. Her work comprised of recruiting people into the ANC structures and to ferry them abroad to Botswana or Swaziland.

Beyond Apartheid: Race, Transformation and Governance in KwaZulu-Natal Cricket

In February 1990 South African President FW de Klerk unbanned the African National Congress (ANC), the South African Communist Party (SACP) and the Pan African Congress (PAC), allowing these organisations to return to 'normal'and active politics within the country after an absence of almost three

Bewitching Zulu Women: Umhayizo, Gender, and Witchcraft in Natal

Some time in mid-1999, a young man from the village of Masameni in southern KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, 'proposed love' to Zandile, a 16-year old girl from the nearby village of Makholweni. She promptly refused his attentions.

Between the English and the Boers. And the Thukela Turned Red
Between black and white: A case study of the KwaZulu-Natal Cricket Union

223 different in KwaZulu-Natal, for example, with its large Indian population, than at the Pretoria-based Titans franchise, where whites are dominant, or in the Eastern Cape which has substantial African involvement in cricket.

Between Apartheid and Neoliberalism in Durban’s Indian Quarter

A drive from Durban's beaches towards the once bustling ''Indian quarter''will lead to a confluence of three streets: Monty Naicker, Alfred Bitini Xuma, and Yusuf Dadoo.

Bethlehem Star
Bethesda Temple movie night

Bethesda Temple showing a slide show on India

Bethesda Temple Interior

Various photographed slides of different parts of the World

Bethesda Temple Interior

Various photographed slides of different parts of the World

Bethesda Temple Congregation


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