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The Hindus of South Africa

The Hindus constitute the largest religious group of the Indian population of South Africa, being a little over sixty per cent The other forty per cent. is made up of Moslems, Christians and Buddhists. The Hindus fall into two major sections and divide into four linguistic groups.

The Hindu Tamil Institute Building, the Centre of Tamil activities of Durban

The Hindu Tamil Institute

The Hindu heritage in South Africa

The end of the first hundred years of !he history of the Hindus in South Africa marks the beginnings of a greater awareness among them of the glorious cultural and religious heritage which belongs to them.

The High Price of Peace

Political Science Project

The hand that feeds you
The Gūr-i Amīr or Guri Amir is a mausoleum

The Gur-e Amir is the mausoleum of the Asian conqueror Tamerlane (Timur) in Samarkand.

The growth and development of the sugarcane plant


The grower with the green mission
The Group Areas Act as a European Democrat sees it being paper by Mrs J Arenstein read at Conference on Group Areas Act convened by by Natal Indin Congress 5th and 6th May 1956

Conference on the Group Areas Act

The Group Areas Act and its effects on the Indian people being a paper by Dr G M Naicker

Conference on the Group Areas Act convened by Natal Indian Congress

The Green Dome

It was the Ottoman Sultan Mahmud II who in 1818 built the green dome that covers ... Sultan 'Abd al-Majid (1839–1861) remodeled the entire masjid, enlarging it ...

The Great Mosque of Herat

The Jami Masjid of Herat was not always the largest mosque in Herat;


The Great Mosque of al-Nuri

The Great Mosque of al-Nuri was a mosque in Mosul, Iraq. It was famous for its leaning minaret

The Great Debate: Unity, Diversity and Race in South Africa
The Great Crisis Ahead

LET us remember what promises brought the Nationalist Party to power.

The Grass Hut - Clairwood

The Grass Hut

The Grahamstown Years-1959 to 1981

The Durban Period - 1981 to 1993
University of Durban-Westville Gallery
5-29 October 1993

The Government Indian School at Newtown, Johannesburg
The Glory of Indian Womanhood

FROM time immemorial Sita, Savitri, Damayanti, Nalayani, Anasuya, and Draupadi have been regarded as sacred ~deals of Indian Womanhood as they are sublime and exemplary- characters who have exalted womanhood to the height of divine perfection.....


The sociology of intellectuals, long focused on the metropole, needs to move to a world scale. Study of global connections in the intellectual labour process is the most promising way.


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