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Woodlands Indian High School

Pupils in the 30's at Woodlands Indian High School

Woodlands High School Staff - 1946

Woodlands School Staff -

Woodlands High School Staff

Staff at Woodlands High School in 1959

Woodlands High School Brochure Cover page

Woodlands Secondary School is a secondary school in Northdale, Pietermaritzburg, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.

Woodlands High School

Image if Pupils at Woodlands Indian High School

Woodlands excursion lunch at Albert Park

Woodlands Indian High School

Wood and iron houses in Clairwood

Photos from "How We Live"

Women's Cultural group

Women's Cultural Group - Rhonda Dylisse, Pupil of the World-famous Ramgopal

Women's Association In Verulam

The most active groups of housewives in Verulam are the Verulam Maathar Sungam. which is involved in cultural and religious activities and the Verulam and District Women's Circle,

Women working on the sugar cane plantation

Painting of women working on the sugar cane plantation

Women working on the Cane fields

Cutting cane in 40 cm sets.

Less privileged women who had to work in the fields or move about as ... In the case of one woman who set fire to cane-fields on the Natal ...

Women Passive Resisters

The passive resistance movement of 1946-48 is well documented. Yet, in the vast corpus of historical literature the role of women as a viable political ...

Women in Sarrie
Women feeding her baby

Painting of a women feeding her baby

Women carrying a basket full of fruit and vegetable going to the market to sell

Indian trader

Woman in white robe
Woman dancing to the beat of drumming

Painting of a woman dancing to the beat of drumming

Witchcraft or Madness? The Amandiki of Zululand, 1894-19141

In late May 1999 Anglican Archdeacon, Ebenezer Ntlali, performed an exorcism to drive out evil
spirits from a hundred or so schoolgirls at St John's College, a church school with over a
thousand students in Umtata, of former Transkei region of South Africa. According to

Wind of Change

  South Africa - Wind of Change


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