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King Cetshwayo
King Cetshwayo
Khurmas and kalyas exotic dry curries

Khurmas and kalyas exotic dry curries

KC James Family

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Kavady Festival Tongaat and trading
Kavady festival

During the festival, devotees pierce themselves with pins and spikes, hang heavy pots and fruit from their chests with hooks, and pull chariots or people who are ...

Kavady Festival
Kathiawal District - India Map

Kathiawar Peninsula, also called Saurashtra Peninsula, peninsula in southwestern Gujarat state, west-central India.

Kathiawad Hindu Samaj(Natal)

SOME seventy-five years ago, a small band of intrepid men, born of the hardy soil of that small corner of India, known as Kathiawad, re-named Saurashtra and now forming part of the new State of Gujarat, came to the shores of South Africa.

Kathiawad Hindu Indian High School

School Brochure

Katcheri at the Clairwood Tamil Institute

A katcheri is an assembly of musicians

Kasturba Gandhi School

School on the Phoenix Settlement named after Kasturba Gandhi

Kasturba Gandhi

Mrs Kasturba Gandhi

Kasturba and her four sons

Family photograph

Karla - Plan of Chaitya Cave

The Karla cave complex is built into a rocky hillside around 60 kilometres (37 mi) from Pune, with large windows cut into the rock to light the cave interiors.The caves are among a large numbers of similar caves excavated in the Sahyadri Hills in the early 1st millennium CE.


Kapitan Vegetarian Restaurant at 154 Grey Street

Kanjee Govan (with negatives)
Kanjee Govan (with negatives)
Kanjee Govan (with negatives)
Kanjee Govan (with negatives)


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