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Voting in Lenasia

Lenasia ratepayers assocaition

Victoria Street Indian Market 1910 - 1973

In any undertaking of this nature, the author, usually, has a source of motivation. In this instance, my inspiration was derived from my grandfather who for the majority of his life, sold fruit and vegetable in his Victoria Street Indian Market stall.

Very keen initiating authority letter

Very keen initiating authority letter

Verulam Town Board

Verulam Township

Valliamma Munuswami Mudliar 1898 1914 Child Martyr A True Story

This story is an abstract of press reports, speeches, documents and quotations. Part One is about the life story of Valliamma. Part Two records various tributes and memorials to her.

Valliamma Moodliar (Passive Resister died 1913)

The late Miss Valiamina Moodaly
who died after serving a term of imprisonment as a
Passive Resister

V Sirkari Naidoo - Fiat Lux May 1978, p.8

Mr V Sirkari Naidoo Biography.

Urban Violence and the Textures of Everyday life in Post-apartheid South Africa

There is a great deal of literature on crime and violence in post-apartheid South Africa.

Urban Citizenship: Governance, regulation, development and participation. Some thoughts from the Warwick Junction Project, Durban

The central question behind this set of reflections is “What is the relationship between urban
governance and urban citizenship”? The aim of this paper is to explore the relationship
between attempts by the local authorities to manage and develop the city in accordance with

Uprooting, Re-rooting:Culture, Religion and Community among Indentured Muslim Migrants in Colonial Natal, 1860–1911

This article considers issues relating to religion and culture among Indian Muslims in Natal which imported 152 184 indentured workers from British India between 1860 and 191 1.

University of Natal Medical School History

Embroiled in controversy and political strife, and disadvantaged by major financial and resource deprivation, the University of Natal Medical School has nevertheless survived and prospered for nearly 50 years - and has made a unique contribution to medical education in the Southern African sub-co


This study focuses on Durban's Grey Street mosque, built by Indian Memon migrants in 1880. This review of the first half-century of the mosque's existence underlines the important social role of mosques, and also questions the notion of homogeneous Muslim community.

Unequal Education

Bound by our total submission to the Will of Almighty Allah; and: in recognition of Islam's uncompromising stand on injustice as clearly expressed through 'the Holy contents of The Koran, we pledge our total support for thA present protest against the discriminatory system of education based on t

Unemployment in South Africa

This paper is an extension of work undertaken by the present writer in 1983 on "The Growth and Structure of Manufacturing Employment in Natal".

UNEDUCATING SOUTH AFRICA: the failure to address the need for human capital - a 1910 - 1993 legacy.’

This paper analyses various data on the South African schooling system since 1910.

Uneducating South Africa : the failure to address the need for human capital - a - 1910 - 1993

This paper presents some detailed historical time series on the South African schooling system since union in 19 10. As such it represents an exercise that to our knowledge has not been undertaken before, with the

Umzumbi Malaria Committee

It is represented to the committee that there were eight acquisitions of farms by Indians....

Umhlali Malaria Committee

Group Areas

Umgeni malaria committee and Albert falls farmers association

Umgeni malaria committee and Albert falls farmers association


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