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Dancing Couple - Needlework Embroidery

It is with great pleasure that I see this report:going to Press on the need for day-care services for children at Chatsworth.

Dayanand Gardens

Dayanand Gardens is home to 320 aged, frail and physically and mentally challenged men ...

Dayanand Gardens & Aryan Benevolent Home, children's Home October 1982

Volunteers preparing meals at Dayanand Gardens.

Dayanand Gardens and Aryan Benevolent Home

The Aryan Benevolent Home Council is a registered non-profit organisation, which takes care of children, elderly and physically or mentally disabled people.

DD Bhika - Staff Associates Sastri College

Staff & associates of Sastri College

de Wat Brandt & three others
de Wat Brandt, V. Naicker, Solomons

Educators/ Springfield College of Education

Dead Tiger

100,000 Tigers in 20th century. Although there are no precise estimates of the tiger population in the world, their population is thought to have plummeted by ...

Dear Ahmedbhai, Dear Zuleikhabehn: The Letters of Zuleikha Mayat and Ahmed Kathrada, 1979-1989

In this collection of letters between a South African political prisoner and a community organizer in Durban, two people who have never met become dear friends during the last decade of apartheid.

Death in Black and White : suicide statistics and race in Natal, 1880-1916

From the ballot boxes of Florida, USA, to the police stations of South Africa, numbers and the mechanisms of their counting have come upon hard times recently.

Death in Black and White : Suicide, Statistics and Race in Natal , 1880-1916

Indenture, Indians, Natal, Race, Suicide, Black and White, Colonial state, Taboo

Death Penalty and Executions, 1965-1973 - Execution Figure
Debating team (1962)

Debating team at Woodlands High

Deconstructing ‘Indianness’: Cricket and the Articulation of Indian Identities in Durban, 1900–32

Indian immigrants arrived in South Africa in two waves; approximately 150,000 indentured laborers imported between 1860 and 1911 were followed by traders from the west coast of India.

Deed of Transfer by Virtue of a Power of Attorney

Deed of Transfer by Virtue of a Power of Attorney

Know all Men whom it may concern...appeared before me. Registrar of Deeds, HE, the said Appeared, being duly authorized therefore by a Special....

Deity of Water Sea

Various photographed slides of different parts of the World

Delegates from Natal at the Congress of the People held in Klipstown

The three thousand delegates who gathered at Kliptown on 25 and 26 June 1955 were workers, peasants, intellectuals, women, youth and ...

Delegates of the Government of India

Honourable Khan Bahadur Mian Fazl-i-Husain, K.C.I.E. Member of the Governors-General's Executive Council........

Delegates of the South African Congress

SA Indian Congress


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